Taiwan West Coast 2021 | 7 Days |

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Taiwan West Coast

7 days 5 nights
Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Lukang, Sun Moon Lake

Find surprise across the fruitful western plains

Like a magic time machine, the bullet train whisks you
off to a different world. From New Taipei to old Tainan,
culture & charm thicken the atmosphere.
Murmurs in Taiwanese, sweet stinky tofu coalescing in the air.
Relaxing lakeside baths and sunset over Sun Moon Lake.
A trip to rejuvenate mind and body - you won't forget




  • Dihua Street | Tour Taipei's oldest and most vibrant market street
  • High Speed Rail | Travel in comfort with our business class service aboard Taiwan's bullet train
  • Tainan | Taiwan's original capital dating back 400 years
    • Feel old capital charm with our carefully designed exploration of Tainan's best sights.
    • Learn the fascinating story of Taiwan's colorful history in famous landmarks.
    • Tap into your musical side at the Ten Drum Culture Village, an invigorating art attraction rescued from a 100 year old sugar refinery.
  • Kaohsiung | Take a gondola ride on Love River
  • Lukang | Visit old town Lukang on a rickshaw
  • Sun Moon Lake | Picturesque scenery and memorable experiences
    • Diverse ways to enjoy the lake on foot, bike, and cruise.
    • Appreciate the mysticism of the lake from our private Sky Lounge.


Open All Days
Welcome to ! For guests within our pickup timeframe, a Supera representative will greet you at the arrival airport. Have a wonderful journey with us!
Our guided tour begins tomorrow morning. If you are arriving on an early flight, today is a great opportunity to explore on your own. We are walking distance to many great attractions in the city - the famous night markets are a great choice tonight.
The Okura Prestige Taipei
Palais de Chine Hotel
Stroll Along Dadaocheng
Stroll Along Dadaocheng
Stunning Night View at Love River
Stunning Night View at Love River

After a hearty buffet-style breakfast, meet your Guide for a day of exploration.


  • Dihua Street:
    Explore century-old stores in this cultural old-town filled with traditional Taiwanese goods. Walking tour: 1.5hrs
  • Taiwan High-Speed Rail:
    Enjoy Business Class service on the Taiwan High-Speed Rail to Kaohsiung.


  • Take a gondola ride on Love River and visit the bustling Rueifong Night Market (optional).
B Hotel Buffet
L French Taiwanese Cuisine
D Cantonese Dim Sum
H2O Hotel
Dragon and Tiger Pagodas on Lianchitan
Dragon and Tiger Pagodas on Lianchitan
Tainan Art Museum
Tainan Art Museum
Kaohsiung Zuoying District
  • Cultural Park of "Juan Cun":
    Taiwan Military Veteran Village.
  • Lianchitan (Lotus Pond):
    This traditional scenic spot is home to pagodas, historical buildings, and a lively food market.


  • Confucius Temple: 
    Considered to be one of the first schools in Taiwan, this 350-year-old structure is used to preserve and teach visitors about Confucius' philosophical values.
  • Modern Architecture & Historical Ruins tour:
    Explore the Tainan Art Museum (a former police agency), Butokuden Halls, Tainan Forestry Office, and Tainan Art Museum.
B Hotel Buffet
L Traditional "Juan Cun" Hotpot
D Scenic View Dinner
Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan
Anping Fort Walking Tour
Anping Fort Walking Tour
Exciting performance at Ten Drum Village
Exciting performance at Ten Drum Village
Explore culture and history of Tainan, Taiwan's first capital. 

  • Tainan Bus Tour: 
    Tour Tainan's historical sites, including the Meteorological Museum, National Museum of Literature, Koxinga Shrine, Tainan Confucious Temple, and Hayashi Department store. 
  • Ten Drum Culture Village: 
    Transformed from a historic sugar refinery, see, hear, feel, and play the drum music of Taiwan. 
  • Anping: 
    Explore the original Dutch settlements of Anping Fort. 
B Hotel Buffet
L Tainan Du Xiao Yueh
D Handpicked Local Specialties
Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan
Exploring Lukang on an Electric Tricycle Tour
Exploring Lukang on an Electric Tricycle Tour
Sun Moon Lake Stuns with Beauty
Sun Moon Lake Stuns with Beauty

Have a great time exploring this historic trading town on an electric tricycle tour.

  • Longshan Temple: 
    Admire one of the last remaining examples of traditional southern architecture.
  • Folk Arts Museum: 
    Once the private residence of one of Taiwan's wealthiest families, it now houses a vast collection of Ming and Qing Dynasty artifacts. (*in case the Folk Arts Museum is closed on Monday, the trip will be changed to visit Guihua Lane Art Village)

Sun Moon Lake

Mystic views and picturesque scenery captivate travelers from all over the world.

  • Cruising Around Sun Moon Lake: 
    Cruise the lake's majestic waters on a privately chartered boat.
  • Fleur de Chine:
    Enjoy a 270-degree panoramic view of Sun Moon Lake in three unique ways: from the roof-top Sky Lounge, the comfort of our lakeside rooms, and from your own private in-room hot-spring bath.
B Hotel Buffet
L Handpicked Local Specialties
D Fleur de Chine Buffet
Fleur De Chine  (Lakeview Rooms)
Early Morning Impressive Scenic at Sun Moon Lake
Early Morning Impressive Scenic at Sun Moon Lake
Enjoy Biking Along the Beautiful Lake
Enjoy Biking Along the Beautiful Lake
Sun Moon Lake
  • Our late checkout today means you can relax and take advantage of the hotel amenities or:
    • A. Stroll along the lakeshore. (Distance: 1 mile; Walking time: 1hr; Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆).
    • B. Bike along the lake biking trail (additional fee applies): CNN named this biking trail one of the world's top 10! Breathtaking. (Biking time: 1hr; Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆).
A great journey always feels short, let’s look forward to seeing each other again!
B Hotel Buffet
L Steamed Seafood Feast

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  • Deposit:A deposit of per person is due within 7 days of reservation confirmation to secure your space on tour.
  • Balance:Due days before tour departure.
  • Flights: We are happy to arrange air tickets with the best balance between price and flight quality. You may also book your own flights based on the following times to match our airport transfer schedule. If arriving or leaving outside these timeframes, please meet us at the designated place on your own expense or call us for transfer pricing. We're sorry, but missed activities will not be made up.
    • Pre/post hotels: We can help arrange hotels matching our tour schedule. For prices and availability, please contact our team.
    • Please review the Terms & Conditions before you book.
    • Is This Trip Right for Me?
      • Please see the Itinerary for activity levels and details.
      • Wheelchairs Accessible: Guests in wheelchairs welcome, but please understand some sites are not accessible. A companion to help with the wheelchair must accompany the guest.
      • Age Limit: For quality concerns, guests should be 2 years or older to join this tour
      • Dietary Restrictions: It is important everyone has a great dining experience with us! If you have a special meal restriction (i.e., fatal allergies, no sashimi, no lamb, etc.), please let us know 30 days before tour date. We will do our best to oblige, but we regret some dietary preferences may not be available due to cultural differences.
    • Accommodations:
      • Our rooms for this tour are reserved with twin rooms (2 beds/room), but hotels may have different configurations. Please refer to the Hotels section for details.
      • If you have special requirements, please inform us at time of booking so we may make arrangements as soon as possible.
      • For guest privacy and security considerations, we do not have single sharing arrangements.
    • Visas:
      • Please check if you are required to have the R.O.C. Visa and complete all processes needed before departure.
      • P.R.C., Hong Kong, and Macao passport holders must apply for an Entry/Exit Permit. Please contact us for more information.
      • Please be aware once a visa is processed by Supera, we will not be able to provide a refund under any circumstances.
    • Passports:
      • Please provide a copy of your passport at sign up; we recommend having a copy of your passport with you in case of emergencies.
      • Your passport must have at least 6 months of validity remaining and two blank “Visa” pages.
    • Flights and Luggage:
      • Some airlines charge a fee for pre-assigned seats. If so, we will let you know the details at time of booking.
      • For travelers who have booked your own tickets, we recommend reserving at least 3 hours connecting time between international airports.
      • Luggage allowances will vary based on the rules for each airline. Excess baggage fees are the responsibility of the traveler.

    Stays of a Lifetime

    Don't be too tired to remember your trip!
    A hotel is not merely a place to rest your head. We hand-pick each one to give you comfort, great views, unique experiences, and above all, memorability. We carefully consider locations to let your mind, body, and spirit wander freely while feeling at home.

    Taipei :

    The Okura Prestige Taipei

    Located in the heart of Taipei city with easy access to transportation, dining, and shopping, this 5-star property offers guests the ultimate comfort and conveniences. Guests may also enjoy the gym on the top floor as well as the rooftop open-air heated pool overlooking Taipei 101 building. 

    Prestige Room    
    43 m² (463 ft²)
    120 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
    200 x 200 cm * 1 Bed
    Arranged with Prestige Room + Rollaway Bed (120 x 200 cm)

    Taipei :

    Palais de Chine Hotel

    Palas de Chine stations in one of the most convenient spots of Taipei, with easy access to all major transportation and to the most elegant plazas (Q Square), Cinemas, and other entertainment facilities.

    Besides the convenience, Supera specially choose Executive Deluxe Room 37 m² (398 ft²)  instead of standard Superior Room 30 m² (323 ft²), granting you as a European nobility with a colorful trip from the very beginning!

    Executive Deluxe Room    
    37 m² (398 ft²)
    120 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
    200 x 220 cm * 1 Bed
    Arranged with Executive Deluxe Room + Rollaway Bed (90 x 190 cm)

    Kaohsiung :

    H2O Hotel

    Located in Kaohsiung's city center, this modern hotel is a convenient short walk away from the city's main attractions.

    Deluxe Room    
    36 m² (388 ft²)
    137 x 210 cm * 2 Bed    
    193 x 210 cm * 1 Bed
    Arranged with Premier Triple Room 36 m² (388 ft²) w/ Single Bed (120 x 210 cm) + Double Bed (150 x 210 cm)

    Tainan :

    Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan

    This hotel is Tainan’s international 5-star hotel, located right next to Tainan Cheng Gong University and Tainan DaYuan Shopping center. The luxurious and modern interior design embodies the local enthusiastic atmosphere.

    Deluxe Room    
    50 m² (538 ft²)
    122 x 203 cm * 2 Bed    
    198 x 203 cm * 1 Bed
    Arranged with Deluxe Room + Rollaway Bed (150 x 190 cm)

    Sun Moon Lake :

    Fleur De Chine

    This hotel is the first top-rated hotel to have a natural spa facility. Located in the northern area of the lake, the entire hotel faces the lake with large floor to ceiling windows that allow the natural beauty of the lake to enter. This open design lets guests enjoy unobstructed views.

    Family Lake View Room    
    43 m² (463 ft²)
    152 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
    182 x 200 cm * 1 Bed
    Arranged with Family Lake View Room w/ 2 Queen Beds
    "In-room bath with lake view" only available with Double rooms. Other room types include lakefront view, but not from bath. Please let us know in advance if you prefer Double.
    Eunice H
    (05/01/2019) Eunice H

    Tom was very knowledgeable, kind, and patient. I liked his laid-back manner. He is a good storyteller and he even sang for us.


    James L
    (03/15/2017) James L

    Enjoy our Taiwan and Japan tour. The tour guides were top notch and the food was great too Hotels and sites were terrific. Would go again.

    Lawrence W.
    (12/16/2018) Lawrence W.

    ....no other tour company is going to cut it. From the first part of the process, the service here has been nothing short of amazing...... Suffice it to say, it all worked out thanks to some ingenuity by Roy, we were able to go on our tours, PITA issues and all. Not a single hitch, when a billion different things could have gone wrong because of our nutty requirements.

    Vitus C.
    (09/05/2015) Vitus C.

    Did Japan and Taiwan with Signet/Supera tours. Great meals and hotels.