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Fully-Guided Tour Highlights

In the East Coast Experience

Taipei | A glowing modern metropolis

Visit the National Palace Museum which houses over 670,000 pieces of Chinese artifacts and relics.
Dine in the original location of Taiwan's iconic Din Tai Fung restaurant.

Juifen | Explore nostalgic old streets of this seaside town

Jaiosi + Chihpen | Visit two of Taiwan's famous spa resort towns

Relax in mineral-rich hot springs

Taroko National Park | Discover the "magnificent and beautiful"

Stay inside nature's masterpiece

Fanta'an Wetlands | Learn about Taiwan's indigenous culture

Savor the original taste of nature through the Amis-style tribal cuisine. 

Chihshang | 
Bike and stroll through the picturesque East Rift Valley

Donggang |
Tour an award-winning chocolate factory and try your hand at DIY chocolate-making.


In the West Coast Experience

Kaohsiung | Take a gondola ride on Love River, the "spine" of Kaohsiung city.

Lukang |
Visit old town Lukang on a rickshaw.

Sun Moon Lake | Admire mystic views and picturesque scenery

Experience the lake on foot, bike, and cruise.
Appreciate the mystic of the Lake from our private Sky Lounge.

Luxury Accomodations


Taipei Okura Prestige Taipei or Palais de Chine: Taipei's most luxurious and centrally located hotels. 



Evergreen Resort Hotel or Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi: Magnificent views and unique hot springs. 


Taroko National Park

Silks Place Taroko: the only 5-star hotel located in Taroko National Park.


East Rift Valley

Hotel Royal Chihpen – luxury hotel surrounded by the East Rift Valley. 



H20 Hotel:  A modern hotel in the city center and a short walk away to the bustling Rueifong night market. 



Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan: Modern design near shopping & 2015-2017 TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice winner.


Sun Moon Lake

Fleur de Chine Hotel: 270 degree panoramic views from the Sky Lounge - all lakeview rooms (2015-2017 TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice winner)


Culinary Experiences

We take great pride in arranging and sharing great culinary experiences with you. Our development team samples each meal before presenting them to our guests. On this trip, you will have a chance to taste Taiwanese delicacies including Din Tai Fung dumplings, Amis-style tribal cuisine, Ice Monster Shaved Ice and much more.

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Depart North America for Taipei, Taiwan

Have a great flight. See you soon!


"Ni Hao" or "Welcome" to Taiwan

Arrive in Taoyuan International (TPE) Or Taipei Songshan (TSA)  

You will be greeted by a Supera Tours Representative at the airport.

Our pick-up service time frame is:
Taoyuan International Airport (TPE): 5:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA): 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
*If arriving outside these timeframes: please arrange your own transfer or let us know if we can help book this service for you.

Hotel Information
Hotel check in is at 3pm. If you arrive early, you may drop off your luggage at the hotel and explore the city independently. The Taiwan Night Markets are a great choice tonight.

Pre-tour hotel extension options (nightly per room, breakfast included):

Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport 
US$140 (Single Room),US$150 (Twin Room /Double Room),US$190 (Triple Room)

Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taipei 
US$165 (Single Room),US$165 (Twin Room /Double Room),US$205 (Triple Room)

The Okura Prestige Taipei or Palais de Chine Hotel
Please contact Supera staff for assistance


Okura Prestige or Palais de Chine

Taipei Sightseeing, National Palace Museum & Relaxing Jiaosi Hot Springs

9 miles, 30mins   
National Palace Museum
35 miles, 1hr
30 miles, 1hr
Jiaosi Spring Hotel

After a hearty buffet-style breakfast, meet your Guide for a day of exploration. On today's tour you'll experience:

National Palace Museum:
See the world's most extensive of Chinese artifacts. Our visit is carefully arranged to avoid crowds

YongKang Street & Din Tai Fung Original Restaurant:
Discover the roots of worldwide famous “Xiao long bao” near YongKang street where is known for its fine foods and drinks in Taipei. Feast on unforgettable dim sum at the original Din Tai Fung restaurant.

Taipei City Bus Tour:
Brief photo stop at National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and Presidential Palace

Take a step back in time and visit this historic mining town. Enjoy free time to explore the old streets and treat yourself to delicious snacks, including sweet taro soup, Hakka dumplings, and "Lu Wei" (marinated combination).

Enjoy afternoon tea:
Learn about Taiwan tea from the local shopkeeper in a century-old house overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Jiaosi Hot Springs:
Soak in the rejuvenating waters of this natural hot spring, a truly relaxing and rustic experience.

** We will be taking a train tomorrow where onboard luggage space is limited. Please pack a light day bag with you with essential belongings, as portage service will not be available. 

Hotel Buffet         
YongKang Street Din Tai Fung (Original Restaurant)
Lan Yang Style Buffet in Hotel
Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi or Evergreen Resort Hotel

Discover Taroko National Park

Jiaosi Hot Spring
6 miles, 30mins
Yilan Train Station, North Link Railway
70 miles, 1hr
14 miles, 45mins
Taroko National Park

Free time
in the morning to soak in the Hot Springs or participate in the hotel's morning hike. 

North Link Railway:
Avoid the traffic and take a fantastic journey by train along the Pacific Ocean to Hualien, a natural conservatory at the edge of Taroko National Park.

Taroko National Park: 
Meaning “magnificent and beautiful" in the Truku aboriginal language, Taroko Gorge is a natural wonder and a landmark of Taiwan.Photo stop at the East-West Highway Arch, the starting point of Taroko National Park.Swallow Grotto Trail: Hike the most beautiful section of the Taroko Gorge, see magnificent canyons, soaring marble formations, and subtropical springs. (Walking time: 1hr; Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆).

Silks Place Taroko:
Tonight's hotel is the only 5-star resort inside the National Park. Take in a beautiful view of the stars and gorge while soaking in the rooftop spa or watch an aboriginal performance in the evening.
**Gorge View rooms not available for Triple room type. We will arrange Garden View rooms in this case.

Hotel Buffet     
Local Specialty (Mola Mola--Ocean Sunfish)    
Beef Noodle Soup
Silks Place Taroko (Gorge View Room)

Explore the Fata'an Wetlands & East Rift Valley

55 miles, 2hrs   
Fata'an Wetlands
45 miles, 1.5hrs
40 miles, 1.5hrs

Spend your morning sleeping in or visiting local sites before meeting your Guide and continuing your journey in Chihshang.

Go off on your own and see nearby sites like Zhihui Bridge, Pudu Bridge, and Xiangde Temple.

Fata’an Wetlands:
Learn about the rich heritage of Taiwan's aborigines. An "Amis- style" lunch in a private home will be served. 

East Rift Valley:
Bike and stroll through the lush green rice fields of Chihshang. 
Learn to make rice noodles by hand, a fun local pastime.
Unwind in your personal in-room hot spring at our hotel. Choose from several therapeutic spa facilities: Spa Paradise (family-friendly), indoor hot springs, & open-air hot springs.
Feel the full force of Taiwanese aboriginal culture with an evening performance of powerful music paired with beautiful choreography.

Hotel Buffet    
Amis-Style Tribal Lunch  
Teppanyaki set meal in Hotel
Hotel Royal Chihpen (Deluxe Family Rooms)

South Link Highway, Donggang and Kaohsiung

South Link Highway 
76 miles, 3hrs
34 miles, 1hr

South Link Highway (by bus):
Experience the 4 most breathtaking sites on the most beautiful highway in Taiwan:

HuaYuan Bay: See majestic views of the bay with Dulan Mountain in the distance. 

Jinlun Bridge: Enjoy a birds eye view of the Pacific Ocean while crossing the 40-meter high bridge.

Seqeciin to Dawu: Amire how the ocean meets the sky on this 3.8 kilometer section of the highway. 

Aljungic to Cao Bu: Pass through rugged, yet picturesque, mountaineous landscape on this last stretch of highway. 

Donggang Chocolate Factory tour: 
Tour the factory of a sustainable and award-winning local chocolate brand, make your own DIY chocolate and partake in a chocolate tasting.

Take a gondola ride on Love River and visit the bustling Rueifong Night Market  (optional)

Hotel Buffet      
Donggang Seafood   
Dim Sum Specialties
H2O Hotel

Kaohsiung Sightseeing

30 miles, 1hr

Cultural Park of "Juan Cun," Taiwan Military Veteran Village.
Lianchitan (Lotus Pond): One of Kaohsiung's most iconic sites, this traditional scenic spot is home to pagodas, historical buildings, and a lively food market. 

Confucious Temple: Considered to be one of the first schools in Taiwan, this 350-year-old structure is still used to preserve and teach visitors about Confucious' philosophical values. 
Modern Architecture & Historical Ruins tour: Tainan Art Museum Building 1 (former Police Agency), Butokuden Halls, Tainan Forestry Office, Tainan Art Museum Building 2

Hotel Buffet    
Traditional "Juan Cun" Hotpot 
Featured View Restaurant
Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan (2015-2017 Trip Advisor's Traveler's Choice Award)

Experience Tainan's Exciting Music & Culture

82 miles, 2hrs
64 miles, 2hrs     

Today we explore the culture and history of the south of Tainan, Taiwan's first capital. 

Tainan Bus Tour:
Tour Tainan's historical sites, including the Meteorlogical Museum, National Museum of Literature, Koxinga Shrine, Tainan Confucious Temple, and Hayashi Department Store. 

Ten Drum Culture Village:
Enjoy the music, movement, and art of Ten Drum Culture Village, Transformed from a historic sugar refinery, see, hear, feel, and play the drum music of Taiwan. 

Explore the original Dutch settlements of Anping Fort. 

Deyang Destroyer:
Take a photo stop at the fantastic warship museum and hear the story behind the US-built "Guardian of the Sea."

Hotel Buffet     
Tainan Du Xiao Yueh   
Taiwanese Specialties
Shangri La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan (2015-2017 Trip Advisor's Traveler's Choice Winner)

Explore Historic Lukang and Cruise Sun Moon Lake

80 miles, 2hrs
54 miles, 1.5hrs
Sun Moon Lake


Explore the sites of this authentic and historic trading town. Specially-arranged electric tricycle tour of Lukang Old Streets. 

Longshan Temple:
One of the last remaining examples of traditional southern architecture, beautifully designed and preserved. 

Folk Arts Museum:
Once the private residence of one of Taiwan's wealthiest families, today it houses a vast collection of Ming and Qing Dynasty artifacts. 

Sun Moon Lake: 
Mystic views and picturesque scenery captivate travelers from all over the world. 

Cruise the lake's majestic waters on a privately-chartered boat. 

Enjoy a 270 degree panoramic view of Sun Moon Lake from the roof-top Sky Lounge, in the comfort of our lakeside rooms, or direct from your own private in-room hot-spring bath.*

*Private bath lake view rooms are only available for Double rooms (one king-sized bed per room). If you are booking standard Twin rooms, we are pleased to arrange a double room for you at this hotel. Please let us know beforehand. 

Hotel Buffet    
Taiwanese Specialties  
Buffet Dinner in Hotel
Fleur de Chine (Lakeview Rooms)

Depart Sun Moon Lake for Airport

Sun Moon Lake
150 miles, 3hrs
30 miles, 1hr
Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)   Your next Destination

Sun Moon Lake:
Our late checkout today means you can relax and take advantage of the hotel amenities or...
A. Stroll along the lakeshore. (Distance: 1 mile; Walking time: 1hr; Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆).
B. Bike along the lake biking trail (additional fee applies): CNN named this biking trail one of the world's top 10! It will be sure to take your breath away. (Biking time: 1hr; Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆).

Ice Monster:
Enjoy shaved ice on a whole new level - rated top 10 dessert around the world by CNN. Soft and sweet, their mango shaved ice is the perfect dessert.

Airport Sendoff
Airport sendoff is available for flights departing Taoyuan International Airport from 9:00 PM - 11:50 PM, be sure to book your flight after 9:00pm.

"Zai jian!" or "See you again!" 


Post-tour hotel extension options (nightly per room, breakfast included):

Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport 
US$140 (Single Room),US$150 (Twin Room /Double Room),US$190 (Triple Room)

Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taipei 
US$165 (Single Room),US$165 (Twin Room /Double Room),US$205 (Triple Room)

The Okura Prestige Taipei or Palais de Chine Hotel
Please contact Supera staff for assistance


Hotel Breakfast   
Taiwanese Steamed Seafood Feast

Okura Prestige Taipei

Located in the heart of Taipei city with easy access to transportation, dining, and shopping, this 5*-property offers guests the ultimate comfort and conveniences. Guests can also enjoy the gym on the top floor as well as the rooftop open-air heated pool overlooking Taipei 101 building. 

Room  Information:

Room Type: Prestige Room

Size: 43 sqm

Twin Bed: 120 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 200 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Rollaway bed (120 x 200cm) will be added to Twin Room.

Palais De Chine

Stationed in one of the most convenient spots in Taipei, this hotel has access to TSR, HSR, bus stations, and MRT service. Guests can travel at leisure with easy access to all major transportation in the city. This 5-star hotel also has one of the most elegant plazas (Q Square), office buildings, Vieshow Cinemas, and other entertainment facilities,  all included to allow guests to have a colorful trip from the very beginning!

Room  Information:

Room Type: Deluxe Room (upgraded from Superior Room) 

Size: 37 sqm

Twin Bed: 120 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 220 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Rollaway bed (90 x 190cm) will be added to Twin Room

Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taipei

Located in the center of Taipei next to MRT "Nanjing Songjiang Station," 45 minutes from Taoyuan International Airport, and 15 minutes to Songshan Domestic Airport, the Evergreen Taipei is a convenient choice for the city. The hotel features a maritime theme with oar-shaped doorknobs, ubiquitous anchor emblems, and wave-themed ceilings, providing you feeling of sailing in the city.

Room  Information:

Room Type: Deluxe Room

Size: 40 sqm

Twin Bed: 100 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 200 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Rollaway bed (100 x 200cm) will be added to DBL Room.

Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi

Located in the city of Jiaosi, the Hotel Royal is one of the most luxurious in the area. The exterior features architecture inspired by traditional local artwork, and inside, guests can enjoy modern comforts with spa facilities, hot springs, and a variety of different amenities.

Room  Information:

Room Type: Western Suite 

Size: 40 sqm

Twin Bed: 120 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 200 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Japanese Suite; Tatami style bed

Evergreen Resort Hotel - Jiaosi

Located in Yilan county, this hotel is known for its hot springs and magnificent views. The rooms are designed in a Euro-Asian style. The bath houses offer healthy nano-milk baths and more. The 1.2 acre garden hot spring also provides a unique hot spring banquet experience. Fresh seafood is used in its delicious multi-cultural buffet.

Room  Information:

Room Type: Superior Room

Size: 40.4 sqm

Twin Bed: 120 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 240 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Rollaway Bed (90 x 180cm) will be added to Twin room.

Silks Place Taroko

Built within the Taroko National Park, Silks Place Taroko is the only 5-star hotel inside a national park in all of Taiwan. We have chosen this hotel for its exclusive location, making the Silks Place Taroko perfect for exploring the Gorge. Silks Place Taroko was awarded TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Award for luxury and service in 2015.

Room  Information:

Room Type: Gorge View Room

Size: 40 sqm

Twin Bed: 150 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 180 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: 

1. Garden View Room: 150 x 200 (3 beds--only 2 rooms available)

2. Japanese Room: Tatami style bed

3. Gorge View Room: Cannot accommodate an extra bed, 3 guests must share 150 x 200 cm x 2 beds. 

Due to the limited availability of the triple rooms, we will not be able to guarantee the room type until check-in. We apologize for the inconvenience in advance.

Hotel Royal Chihpen

Recently renovated in 2017, the Hotel Royal Chihpen is one of the best hotels in Taitung. The design of the hotel honors local aboriginal culture and gives guests a chance to try the local hot springs. Hot spring water (bicarbonate) is also available in the room, and each room offers beautiful views of the surrounding nature.

Room  Information:

Room Type: Deluxe Family Room

Size: 33 sqm

Twin Bed: 155 x 200 cm (2 beds)

Triple Room: To maintain comfort and quality, extra beds are not available in the room. Instead, we will use Deluxe Family Suite (41 sqm) 155 x 200 cm * 2 beds, accommodation for 3 guests

H2O Hotel

Located in Kaohsiung's city center, this modern hotel is a convenient short walk away from the city's main attractions.

Room information: 

Room Type: Deluxe Room

Size: 36 sqm

Twin Bed: 137 x 210 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 193 x 210 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: to maintain comfort and quality, extra beds are not available in the room. Instead we will use a Premier Triple Room (36 sqm) 120 x 210 cm * 1 bed + 150 x 210 cm * 1bed, accommodation for 3 guests. 

Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Tainan

This hotel is Tainan’s international 5-star hotel, located right next to Tainan Cheng Gong University and Tainan DaYuan Shopping center. The luxurious and modern interior design embodies the local enthusiastic atmosphere.

Room  Information:

Room Type: Deluxe Room

Size: 50 sqm

Twin Bed: 122 x 203 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 198 x 203 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Rollaway bed (150 x 190cm) will be added to Twin room.

Fleur De Chine

This hotel is the first top-rated hotel to have a natural spa facility. Located in the northern area of the lake, the entire hotel faces the lake with large floor to ceiling windows that allow the natural beauty of the lake to enter. This open design lets guests enjoy unobstructed views.

Room Information:

Room Type: Lakeview Two Queen Room

Size: 43 sqm

Twin Bed: 152 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 182 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room:

1. Lake View Two Queen Room: 150 x 200cm (2 beds) for 3 guests

2. Washiki Lake View Room (limited 8 rooms available): Tatami style beds with add on bed (90 x 190cm)

*Washiki Lake View Room is limited. We cannot guarantee room type until check in. 

*If you wish to soak in the hot tub and enjoy the lakeview at the same time, you may choose a Double room (one king-sized bed per room). Due to limited DBL room quantity, please let us know in advance and we will try our best to accommodate this request. Twin room also offers in room hot tub and lakeview, however, you cannot enjoy the lakeview from the hot tub.

Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

Located on Hangzhan S. Rd. of Taoyuan, Taiwan, Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport is the only Taiwan hotel with such easy airport access.  The hotel includes the airport MRT services to and from the Taoyuan International Airport, every 15 minutes. To get to the Taipei down town, It’s 36 minutes only for traveling between the Taipei Train Station stop and Novotel- A14a airport hotel stop by MRT.

Room Information:

Room Type: Standard Room

Size: 28 sqm

Twin Bed: 110 x 210 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 180 x 210 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Rollaway bed (110 x 210cm) will be added to the Twin room. 

*Not suitable for the triple room due to limited room space.

Din Tai Fung Soup Dumplings

Our visit to the world-famous Din Tai Fung is to the original store, opened in 1958.


Peter K.
(Apr 23, 2018 )

We just returned from a 10-day trip on the East- and West- Coast of Taiwan with Super Value Tours and we loved it! The accommodations were great and the food was simply fantastic...The tour director, Andrew, was one of the best we ever had and we have traveled frequently! We very much enjoyed this experience and will definitely do another tour with Super Value soon.

Jay S.
(Dec. 18, 2017)

My wife and I took the 10-day Taiwan Island Super Value Tour in early December, 2017. At first, we were a little skeptical because the itinerary was a little confusing and not up to date.  However, all concerns were dismissed by the first day of the tour. Super Value Tours, did not adequately promote the facts that all hotels are 5* and that all meals on the tour are provided at excellent and diverse restaurants. However, what really made the tour a standout was the tour guide, Salome Le. This 26 year old tour guide possesses excellent people skills and is extremely knowledgeable. She is fluent in 4 languages and was an endless source of knowledge about Taiwan. Moreover, her concern and attention to details made the tour run flawlessly. The very few questions that she couldn't answer right away were researched that night and answered the next day. The name of this company, Super Value Tours, Inc. may first appear to be marketing gimmick name, but we found out that this tour group really represents super value in every respect.

Phillip W.
(November 8, 2019)

A wonderfully well organised tour with a great selection of sights, food and accomodation. A beautiful country to visit with friendly locals. Our guide Amanda was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating and made our trip memorable.

Diane H.
(June 30, 2019)

We were happy that we chose the 9 day option and would recommend this to others. The hotels were superb as were the meals that were chosen for us. We hardly spent any money at all as everything was supplied for us. We are usually independent travellers but feel that Tiawan would be difficult to manage on our own. Having gone on this tour we feel that we have really seen a very varied and interesting side of this country. Our guide was extremely well informed, friendly and nothing was too much trouble for her. She really made our trip.

Teresa H.
(April 24, 2019)

Wonderful carefree vacation for both my husband and I, everything was well organized and taken care of, we are extremely happy with our food, accommodations and transportation. Our guide Amanda is the best guide anyone can ever wish for, her great sense of humour kept us well entertained, and she truly cared for all of our well being throughout our trip. Thanks!


Travel Information

Health & Safety 

This tour involves standing and walking for up to 1 hour at a time over inclined or uneven streets.
Guests in wheelchairs may be accommodated, but please understand some sites are not wheelchair accessible.

Passports & Visas

No visa is required for guests traveling to Taiwan with a United States or Canadian passport. 


In the spirit of "Travel Happy" we do not believe in hidden fees - no options are sold on tour.

  Hotel Rooms

TRIPLE (3 bed) rooms are limited and not guaranteed in all hotels. Triples are suitable for families with small children who can share a bed with a parent - not recommended for three adults. 

 Dietary Restrictions

It's important everyone has a great dining experience while traveling with us! If you have a special particular restriction (i.e. no raw fish, no cheese, etc), please let us know. We will do our best to oblige, but we regret some dietary preferences may not be available due to cultural differences.

  Luggage Handling 

Due to limited luggage space aboard trains, large suitcases may not travel along during the train ride. Please prepare a day bag with your essential belongings. 
Porterage service is not available in all areas. We suggest traveling light. In case you have luggage that is not needed on tour, we can store them in our first hotel and retrieve them on the last day.

Fares + Dates

Tour Price (Our pricing is always upfront and all inclusive)

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Fares vary based on origin, seasonality, & availability. We are happy to help find the best balance between price and flight quality for you. You may also arrange your own flights in conjunction with the following arrival and departure times to qualify for our free airport transfers. If you are arriving or leaving outside these timeframes, please go to the designated place to meet on your own expense.

Flight Arrivals
on tour start date

Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) 5:00AM - 11:00PM or

Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA) 10:00AM - 6:00PM

Flight Departures
on tour end date

Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) 9:00PM - 11:50PM

Airport transfers for early arrivals/late departures

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Options are based on availbility and sell out early. Please inquire at time of booking.

No additional options for this program



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Pre/Post tour: Palais De Chine Hotel












Pre/Post tour: The Okura Prestige Taipei

1/2-2/10 (2021)





2/11-2/15 (2021)





2/16-3/31 (2021)





Child no bed room option: $60
Hotel rates are listed per room night. Breakfast taxes, and fees included. A one-time fee of $30 will be charged for cancelled hotel extensions



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