Taiwan East Coast 2021 | 6 Days |

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Taiwan East Coast

6 days 4 nights
Taipei, Jiufen, Jiaosi, Taroko, Fata-an Wetlands, Chihshang, Chihpen, Donggang, Kaohsiung

Beautiful simplicity fills your heart

Soft flowing waters cut through soaring Taroko granite
Taking you to the time of diverse indigenous people
Meet local farmers and bike sun-kissed golden fields
with the breeze at your back. Taiwan's beauty is invigorating




  • Taipei | A compact and glowing metropolis, the friendliness of the city will surprise you
    • Visit the National Palace Museum. Home to over 670,000 Chinese artifacts and relics.
    • Taste delicious xiao long bao dumplings and more on our Supera exclusive menu at Taiwan's iconic Din Tai Fung restaurant.
  • Juifen | Explore nostalgic old streets of this seaside town
  • Jaiosi + Chihpen | Relax in mineral-rich hot springs at Taiwan's famous spa resort towns
  • Taroko National Park | Discover the "magnificent and beautiful"
    • Tour Taiwan's best national park, an impressive nature reserve of flowing waters and soaring granite.
    • Overnight in the park's only 5-star hotel for an immersive stay in nature's masterpiece.
  • Fata'an Wetlands | Home to the Amis tribe
    • Learn about one of Taiwan's diverse indigenous cultures.
    • Savor the original taste of nature through Amis-style tribal cuisine.
  • Chihshang | Bike and stroll the storybook beauty of the East Rift Valley
  • Donggang | Tour an award-winning chocolate factory and try your hand at DIY chocolate-making


Open All Days
Welcome to ! For guests within our pickup timeframe, a Supera representative will greet you at the arrival airport. Have a wonderful journey with us!


Our guided tour begins tomorrow morning. If you are arriving on an early flight, today is a great opportunity to explore on your own. We are walking distance to many great attractions in the city - the famous night markets are a great choice tonight.

The Okura Prestige Taipei
Palais de Chine Hotel
The essence of the National Palace Museum
The essence of the National Palace Museum
Din Tai Fung Delicious Xiao Long Bao
Din Tai Fung Delicious Xiao Long Bao
After a hearty breakfast, meet your guide for a day of exploration.


  • National Palace Museum:
    One of Taipei's most popular attractions. Our visit is carefully arranged so you can see the world's most extensive collection of Chinese art while avoiding heavy crowds as much as possible.
  • Din Tai Fung Restaurant:
    Taste delicious "xiao long bao," fresh vegetables, and much more at the world-famous Din Tai Fung.
  • Taipei City Bus Tour:
    Brief photo stop at National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and Presidential Palace.


  • Old street walking tour:
    Take a step back in time with a visit to this historic mining town. Enjoy free time to explore the old streets and treat yourself to delicious snacks, including sweet taro soup, Hakka dumplings, and "Lu Wei" (marinated combination).
  • Afternoon tea:
    Learn about Taiwan tea from a local shopkeeper in a century-old house overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


  • Hot Springs:
    Soak in the rejuvenating waters of this natural hot spring, a truly relaxing and rustic experience.
B Hotel Buffet
L Din Tai Fung
D Lan Yang Buffet
Evergreen Resort Hotel - Jiaosi
Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi
Taroko National Park East Entrance Arch Gate
Taroko National Park East Entrance Arch Gate
Swallow Grotto Trail
Swallow Grotto Trail
Free time in the morning to soak in the Hot Springs or participate in the hotel's morning hike.

North Link Railway

  • Avoid the traffic and take a fantastic journey by train along the Pacific Ocean to Hualien, a natural conservatory at the edge of Taroko National Park.

Taroko National Park

  • Meaning "magnificent and beautiful" in the Truku aboriginal language, Taroko Gorge is a natural wonder and a landmark of Taiwan. We will stop at the East-West Highway Arch, the starting point of Taroko National Park, for a photo opportunity.
  • Swallow Grotto Trail: Hike the most beautiful section of the Taroko Gorge, see magnificent canyons, soaring marble formations, and subtropical springs. (Walking time: 1hr; Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆).

Silks Place Taroko

  • Tonight's hotel is the only 5-star resort inside the National Park. Take in a beautiful view of the stars and gorge while soaking in the rooftop spa or watch an aboriginal performance in the evening.
B Hotel Buffet
L Handpicked Local Specialties
D Beef Noodle Soup
Silks Place Taroko  (Gorge View Room)
Enjoy a Local Amis-style Health Lunch
Enjoy a Local Amis-style Health Lunch
Cycling to Explore Chihshang Rice Fields
Cycling to Explore Chihshang Rice Fields
Spend your morning at ease before meeting your guide to continue the journey to Chihshang.

Taroko National Park

  • Tiansiang:
    Go off on your own and see nearby sites like Zhihui Bridge, Pudu Bridge, and Xiangde Temple.


  • Fata’an Wetlands: 
    Learn about the rich heritage of Taiwan's aborigines. An "Amis- style" lunch in a private home will be served.


  • Chihshang East Rift Valley:
    Bike and stroll through the lush green rice fields of Chihshang. Learn to make rice noodles by hand, a fun local pastime.

Hotel Royal Chihpen

  • Unwind in your personal in-room hot spring at our hotel. Choose from several therapeutic spa facilities: Spa Paradise (family-friendly), indoor hot springs, or open-air hot springs.
  • Feel the full force of Taiwanese aboriginal culture with an evening performance packed with music and beautiful choreography.
B Hotel Buffet
L Amis-Style Tribal Lunch
D Hotel Teppanyaki Set Meal
Hotel Royal Chihpen  (Deluxe Family Rooms)
Beautiful Scenery Along the South Link Highway
Beautiful Scenery Along the South Link Highway
Donggang Chocolate Factory Tour
Donggang Chocolate Factory Tour
South Link Highway (by bus)
Experience the 4 most breathtaking sites on the most beautiful highway in Taiwan.
  • HuaYuan Bay: 
    See majestic views of the bay with Dulan Mountain in the distance. 
  • Jinlun Bridge: 
    Enjoy a birds-eye view of the Pacific Ocean while crossing the 40-meter high bridge.
  • Seqeciin to Dawu: 
    Admire a unique view of ocean meeting sky on this 2 mile section. 
  • Aljungic to Cao Bu: 
    Pass rugged, yet picturesque mountainous landscape on this last stretch of highway. 


  • Chocolate Factory tour:
    Tour the factory of an award-winning local chocolate brand. Afterward, soothe your sweet tooth with a tasting experience and DIY chocolate making.


  • Taiwan High-Speed Rail:
    Enjoy Business Class service on the Taiwan High-Speed Rail to Taoyuan.
A great journey always feels short, let’s look forward to seeing each other again!
B Hotel Buffet
L Seafood Cuisine

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    Stays of a Lifetime

    Don't be too tired to remember your trip!
    A hotel is not merely a place to rest your head. We hand-pick each one to give you comfort, great views, unique experiences, and above all, memorability. We carefully consider locations to let your mind, body, and spirit wander freely while feeling at home.

    Taipei :

    The Okura Prestige Taipei

    Located in the heart of Taipei city with easy access to transportation, dining, and shopping, this 5-star property offers guests the ultimate comfort and conveniences. Guests may also enjoy the gym on the top floor as well as the rooftop open-air heated pool overlooking Taipei 101 building. 

    Prestige Room    
    43 m² (463 ft²)
    120 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
    200 x 200 cm * 1 Bed
    Arranged with Prestige Room + Rollaway Bed (120 x 200 cm)

    Taipei :

    Palais de Chine Hotel

    Palas de Chine stations in one of the most convenient spots of Taipei, with easy access to all major transportation and to the most elegant plazas (Q Square), Cinemas, and other entertainment facilities.

    Besides the convenience, Supera specially choose Executive Deluxe Room 37 m² (398 ft²)  instead of standard Superior Room 30 m² (323 ft²), granting you as a European nobility with a colorful trip from the very beginning!

    Executive Deluxe Room    
    37 m² (398 ft²)
    120 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
    200 x 220 cm * 1 Bed
    Arranged with Executive Deluxe Room + Rollaway Bed (90 x 190 cm)

    Jiaosi :

    Evergreen Resort Hotel - Jiaosi

    Located in Yilan county, this hotel is known for its hot springs and magnificent views. The rooms are designed in a Euro-Asian style. The bath houses offer healthy nano-milk baths and more. The 1.2 acre garden hot spring also provides a unique hot spring banquet experience. Fresh seafood is used in its delicious multi-cultural buffet.

    Superior Room    
    40 m² (431 ft²)
    120 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
    200 x 240 cm * 1 Bed
    Arranged with Superior Room + Rollaway Bed (90 x 180 cm)

    Jiaosi :

    Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi

    Located in the city of Jiaosi, the Hotel Royal is one of the most luxurious in the area. The exterior features architecture inspired by traditional local artwork, and inside, guests can enjoy modern comforts with spa facilities, hot springs, and a variety of different amenities.

    Western Suite    
    40 m² (431 ft²)
    120 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
    200 x 200 cm * 1 Bed
    Arranged with Japanese Suite 56 m² (603 ft²) w/ Tatami Style Bed

    Tiansiang :

    Silks Place Taroko

    Built within the Taroko National Park, Silks Place Taroko is the only 5-star hotel inside a national park in all of Taiwan. We have chosen this hotel for its exclusive location, making the Silks Place Taroko perfect for exploring the Gorge. Silks Place Taroko was awarded TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Award for luxury and service in 2015.

    Gorge View Room    
    40 m² (431 ft²)
    150 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
    180 x 200 cm * 1 Bed
    Arranged with Gorge View Room w/ 2 Queen Beds

    Chihpen :

    Hotel Royal Chihpen

    Recently renovated in 2017, the Hotel Royal Chihpen is one of the best hotels in Taitung. The design of the hotel honors local aboriginal culture and gives guests a chance to try the local hot springs. Hot spring water (bicarbonate) is also available in the room, and each room offers beautiful views of the surrounding nature.

    Deluxe Family Room    
    33 m² (355 ft²)
    155 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
    Arranged with Deluxe Family Suite 41 m² (441 ft²) w/ 2 Queen Beds
    Angela Lai
    (05/23/2018) Angela Lai

    Thank you for showing us your beautiful Taiwan. We enjoyed every minute of our trip. The highlight was probably the Taroko Gorge, but that’s not to say that we didn’t enjoy soaking in hot tubs or peddling through rice paddies. The hotels were all fantastic and the food divine. But of course, it is the tour guide who has the potential to make or break a trip. And we owe it to you [Iping] in no small measure that this was a fabulous trip. You planned everything meticulously and left nothing to chance.....


    Stephanie L
    (11/17/2019) Stephanie L

    We recently finished our tour with Tom Hu and it was so fantastic. He was a stellar guide in every way. His attention to detail was meticulous and he made the trip so comfortable and enjoyable..... Thanks so much for all your help. All of the accommodations you arranged for us were perfectly suited to our family. I know we were extra work for you, and I really appreciated that you went the extra mile to work everything out for us in such a satisfactory manner.