Qinghai + Tibet 2020-2021 | 8 Days | Departs 2020 - 2021

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Qinghai + Tibet

8 days 6 nights
2020 - 2021
Departs 2020 - 2021
Qinghai Lake, Qinghai–Tibet railway, Lhasa


(Tibetan & Chinese place names shown where applicable for clarity)

Xining | To ease into our acclimation to high altitude, we begin our tour in the city of Xining (8000ft above sea level)
  • Explore “China’s largest lake,” Tso Ngonpo/Qinghai Lake
  • Tour the 2000-feet-long Thangka scroll to for an introduction to Tibetan history and humanities
  • Board the Qinghai-Tibet Railway into Tibet, a once in a lifetime experience where four seasons can be seen in one train ride to the roof of the world.

Lhasa | Spiritual and political capital of Tibet
  • Potala Palace: To properly appreciate the world’s highest ancient palace, we include a variety of experiences: tour the residences, night view tour, and a panoramic view from our hotel lobby
  • Jokhang Temple: Tibet’s most sacred temple; observe unique architecture and the immense spirituality and devotion of Tibetans on pilgrimage.

Culinary Experiences

We take great pride in arranging and sharing great culinary experiences. Our team samples each meal before presenting them to our guests; ensuring you can avoid typical tourist-grade restaurants.


Open All Days

Have a great flight. See you soon!

Welcome to ! For guests within our pickup timeframe, a Supera representative will greet you at the arrival airport. Have a wonderful journey with us!
Arrive in Xinning Airpot (XIN)
22 miles, 40mins
Xining Hotel

Arriving in Xining (8,000 feet above sea level) allows us to gradually and safely start acclimating our bodies to high altitudea.
You will be greeted by a Supera Tours Representative at the airport.
Airport transfer available for flights arriving XIN between 12:30PM - 8:00PM.


Arranged based on flight arrival time
Sofitel Xining
125 miles, 3hrs
Tso Ngonpo/Qinghai Lake
125 miles, 3hrs

Our day of touring takes a comfortable pace to help everyone acclimate more safely to high altitudes. Enjoy the serene beauty of the gateway to Tibet.

Tso Ngonpo/Qinghai Lake: Cruise the waters and walk the shores of Qinghai Lake; feel the vastness and holiness of China's largest lake

Beef Hot Pot
B Hotel Buffet
L Handpicked Local Specialties
D Handpicked Local Specialties
Sofitel Xining
1200 miles, 21hrs


China Museum of Tibetan Medicine and Culture: Tour the 2000-foot-long Thangka scroll to learn about the profound Tibetan culture and folk customs

Bus tour of Xining City

Qinghai-Tibet Railway:
The overnight train to Lhasa won't be the easiest, but it is an extraordinary adventure worthy of superlatives. Once considered “impossible to build” owing to its isolated wilderness, long-distance, and inhospitable environment, the railway is a remarkable feat of human engineering. It holds several records including: the world’s highest railway, highest rail tunnel, and longest bridge on permafrost (Onboard amenities are simple. To help our guests travel more comfortably, we arrange soft sleepers with 4 guests per room).

B Hotel Buffet
L Halal Cuisine
D Onboard Train Meal
Qingzang Railway

The Qinghai-Tibet train passes through stunning sections of landscape and wildlife ranging from snow-capped mountains to bright green plains (landscape seen during the day varies depending on train departure time, weather conditions, etc.)

See the mysterious "Lovers Lake" in the Qaidam/Tsaidam Basin

Kunlun Mountain Pass:
Beautiful snow-capped mountains and harsh climate of the Hoh Xil plateau are untouched by man. Here, you can spot an occasional herd of yaks or antelope. 

Origin of Yangtze River - Tanggula Mountain Pass:
Shining glaciers stand in stark contrast to shadowy glacial rock fragments. Pass through the highest rail station in the world - Tanggula Station (train does not stop)

Changtang Plateau:
The largest natural grassland in Tibet, lush with wildlife and untouched vegetation

Nagqu to Lhasa Section:
Majestic Samdain Kangsang Snow Mountain, the central peak of the Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains, the charming Lhasa River


Health Tip: From the moment you step on the Tibetan plateau, please remember (slow, slow, slow), walk slowly, talk slowly, and breathe slowly.

Mild headache, dizziness, vomiting, etc. are normal symptoms of high altitude; conditions will usually improve slowly over a few days. If symptoms become serious, please inform our guide immediately.

*Before you leave, please consult your physician and prepare appropriate prescription medication to alleviate possible reactions to high altitude, making your trip more enjoyable and exciting. Diamox pills are not commonly sold in Tibet.*

B Onboard Train Breakfast
L Onboard Train Meal
D Hotel Buffet
Shangri-la Hotel Lhasa
Norbulingka Palace: 

Visit the summer residence of the Dalai Lamas and home to the grandest gardens in Tibet.

Sera Monastery:
One of six main temples of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Don't miss the public debates here: the unique style is eye-opening!

Nightscape of Potala Palace:
See unique angles of the Potala Palace from the best viewpoints including Palace Square and Yaowang Mountain


Local Tea Restaurant 
Special Mushroom Hot pot
Shangri-la Lhasa
B Hotel Buffet
L Handpicked Local Specialties
D Handpicked Local Specialties
Shangri-la Hotel Lhasa

Potala Palace:
Home of the Dalai Lama until 1959, the palace today remains a spiritual sanctuary and haven of art for Buddhists and tourists. Our tour of the palace is an immersive experience.

Jokhang Temple:
The most sacred temple of Tibetan Buddhism. See Tibetans on pilgrimmage and waiting for worship, and witness the power of piety.

Barkhor Street:
Lhasa’s primary market square is a great place to see Tibetan culture firsthand - browse local markets, tour the streets, or try yak butter tea in a local teahouse!

Local Tea Restaurant 
Special Mushroom Hot pot
Shangri-la Lhasa
B Hotel Buffet
L Handpicked Local Specialties
D Handpicked Local Specialties
Shangri-la Hotel Lhasa

Airport send off available from 9:30AM-6:00PM (LXA)
After breakfast, you will be escorted to the airport by a Supera representative.

"Kale phe!" or "Until Next Time!" We hope to see you again soon!


*If you have more time, extending your stay independently before or after our tour is a great way to explore more. We’re happy to help with hotel extensions or arranging extended return flights; please contact our team for pricing and availability.

A great journey always feels short, let’s look forward to seeing each other again!
B Hotel Buffet
Health & Safety 

Regardless of where you travel, safety is a top priority and we pay close attention to the safety information of each destination.
In case of any safety concerns caused by force majeure factors such as weather, we will adjust our itinerary according to local conditions.


 Passports & Visas

We include the Tibet Travel Permit, but China Visas are required for US/Canadian passport holders entering China. Please see our Visa Information Center for details.  China visa fees not included in the tour fare.


In the spirit of "Travel Happy" we do not believe in hidden fees - no unmarked options are sold on tour.

 Dietary Restrictions

It's important everyone has a great dining experience while traveling with us! If you have a particular meal restriction (i.e.,no lamb, etc.), please let us know. We will do our best to oblige, but we regret some dietary preferences may not be available due to cultural differences.

 Luggage Handling

Domestic flights in China have a checked luggage limit of 44lbs (20kg) per person.
Luggage space is limited aboard the Qinghai-Tibet train. Large suitcases should not exceed 25in x 14in x 8in.



Q Will I experience altitude sickness? If so, what should I do?
A Please see special section on Altitude Sickness for suggestions


Q Why shouldn't I go to Tibet if I have a cold? What if I develop a cold in Tibet?
A When you are sick, your body’s immune system is weakened.Thus, it is more susceptible to high altitude-related illnesses such as pulmonary edema, which can potentially be life-threatening and not easily treated. If you develop a cold while you are in Tibet, it is generally not a big concern because your body will already have some adaptability and resistance to the environment.  With proper medical treatment, the symptoms will gradually disappear after 1-2 days.


Q Is showering in Tibet convenient?
A Supera has selected the best hotels for our guests which will be equipped with hot water and private bathrooms. However, it is recommended not to shower often when first arriving in Lhasa to avoid catching a cold. Bathing while exhausted may aggravate altitude sickness. Once the body adapts to the higher altitude climate, showering is generally not a problem. Keep in mind the air in Tibet is very dry so many people can skip showering for 1-2 days without feeling uncomfortable.


Q What are some of the foods unique to Tibet?
A Local specialties include roasted barley flour, butter tea, yak meat, Tibetan noodles, sweet tea, and barley wine.


Q How is the weather in Tibet?
A There is a large gap in temperature between morning to evening. Although most of our activities are concentrated during the day, it is essential to bring warm clothing and layers, especially as we ascend to higher altitudes where the temperature will be cold. The best time to travel to Tibet is during the mild weather months from May to September. The average temperature can range from a high of 77°F during the day to a low of 40°F at night.


Q What should I wear in Tibet?
A Due to strong UV rays, make sure to bring sunscreen. Short-sleeve T-shirts and shorts are not recommended. Bring warm all-weather jackets. Hiking shoes or sneakers are a must.


Q Cash or credit card?
A Cash is preferred when traveling through Tibet as credit cards are rarely accepted.


Q What are some good souvenirs in Tibet?
A Small trinkets such as yak bone bracelets, necklaces, and turquoise bracelets are excellent gift ideas. More valuable items include handmade Gyantse carpets, Medog stone pot, tapestries, Thankga, and Champlain wooden bowls. Tibetan medicines such as saffron, snow lotus, cordyceps are also a popular homeopathic specialty, but we do not recommend purchasing these items due to the possibility of fakes.

    • Please note: security checks in Tibet are strict. It is forbidden to carry sharp objects such as scissors and knives on planes and trains, including small swiss army knives or fruit knives brought from home.
  • Deposit:A deposit of per person is due within 7 days of reservation confirmation to secure your space on tour.
  • Balance:Due days before tour departure.
  • Flights: We are happy to arrange air tickets with the best balance between price and flight quality. You may also book your own flights based on the following times to match our airport transfer schedule. If arriving or leaving outside these timeframes, please meet us at the designated place on your own expense or call us for transfer pricing. We're sorry, but missed activities will not be made up.
    • Pre/post hotels: We can help arrange hotels matching our tour schedule. For prices and availability, please contact our team.
    • Please review the Terms & Conditions before you book.
    • Is This Trip Right for Me?
      • Please see the Itinerary for activity levels and details.
      • Wheelchairs Accessible: Guests in wheelchairs welcome, but please understand some sites are not accessible. A companion to help with the wheelchair must accompany the guest.
      • Age Limit: For quality concerns, guests should be 2 years or older to join this tour
      • Dietary Restrictions: It is important everyone has a great dining experience with us! If you have a special meal restriction (i.e., fatal allergies, no sashimi, no lamb, etc.), please let us know 30 days before tour date. We will do our best to oblige, but we regret some dietary preferences may not be available due to cultural differences.
    • Accommodations:
      • Our rooms for this tour are reserved with twin rooms (2 beds/room), but hotels may have different configurations. Please refer to the Hotels section for details.
      • If you have special requirements, please inform us at time of booking so we may make arrangements as soon as possible.
      • For guest privacy and security considerations, we do not have single sharing arrangements.
    • Visas:
      • Please be aware once a visa is processed by Supera, we will not be able to provide a refund under any circumstances.
    • Passports:
      • Please provide a copy of your passport at sign up; we recommend having a copy of your passport with you in case of emergencies.
      • Your passport must have at least 6 months of validity remaining and two blank “Visa” pages.
    • Flights and Luggage:
      • Some airlines charge a fee for pre-assigned seats. If so, we will let you know the details at time of booking.
      • For travelers who have booked your own tickets, we recommend reserving at least 3 hours connecting time between international airports.
      • Luggage allowances will vary based on the rules for each airline. Excess baggage fees are the responsibility of the traveler.

    Stays of a Lifetime

    Don't be too tired to remember your trip!
    A hotel is not merely a place to rest your head. We hand-pick each one to give you comfort, great views, unique experiences, and above all, memorability. We carefully consider locations to let your mind, body, and spirit wander freely while feeling at home.

    Xining :

    Sofitel Xining

    Deluxe Room    
    40 m² (431 ft²)
    120 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
    180 x 200 cm * 1 Bed
    Arranged with Deluxe Room + Rollaway Bed (100 x 200 cm)

    Qingzang Railway

    Lhasa :

    Shangri-la Hotel Lhasa

    Deluxe View Room    
    43 m² (463 ft²)
    120 x 200 cm * 2 Bed    
    180 x 200 cm * 1 Bed
    Arranged with Deluxe View Room + Rollaway Bed (100 x 200 cm)