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Fully-Guided Tour Highlights:


Stroll Otaru's beautiful canal and browse handicrafts in quaint local shops. 
Take in the natural wonder of Jigokudani or "Hell Valley." See Hokkaido’s geological treasures: Lake Toya, Onuma National Park, and Mt. Showa Shinzan.
Ride a cable car to see the "Million Dollar" night view of Hakodate.
Enjoy a remarkable view of the Tsugaru Strait while bathing in a relaxing onsen.


Travel on Bullet Train running through the Seikan underwater Tunnel.
Hike along the most beautiful stream in Japan, Oirase Keiryu in Towadako Hachimantai National Park.
Explore Morioka Handicraft Village and see the traditions of Tohoku.
Visit the Bukeyashiki Samurai residences.
Tour Matsushima Bay by car, boat, and on foot for the complete experience.

Luxury Accommodations


Sapporo Grand Hotel: Walking distance from quaint shops and restaurants.


Dai-ichi Takimotokan: Hot spring Ryokan in traditional Japanese style.


Yunokawa Prince Hotel Nagisatei: Oceanfront Ryokan with private spa in all rooms.

Lake Towada

Oirase Keiryu Hotel: 2 nights in the only hotel next to Oirase Stream; breathe in fresh forest aromas and enjoy the fall foliage up close.

Tsunagi Onsen

Shion Hotel: Secluded hot spring Ryokan overlooking vast scenery.

Culinary Experiences

On this trip, you will have a chance to taste Hokkaido delicacies including shabu shabu, crab feast, Kaiseki banquet and more famous seafood. 

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Depart North America for Sapporo, Japan

Depart from your home airport, have a great flight!


“Yokoso" or "Welcome" to Japan!

Arrive in Sapporo (CTS)
32 miles, 1hrs

Sapporo Hotel

Airport Pick-up
A Supera Tours Representative will meet you at the arrivals gate and escort you to the hotel. Take today to rest up or explore the city of Sapporo on your own before official plans begin. 

Airport pickup is available for flights arriving New Chitose Airport (CTS) from 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM.

*If your flight arrival is after 7:00 pm, we will refund 2,000 JPY per person to cover the cost of dinner. Please arrange to have dinner on your own.

Local Specialty          
Sapporo Grand Hotel or JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo

Sapporo Sightseeing & Otaru Canal

24 miles, 1hr
24 miles, 1hr


Explore Otaru's local specialties. Visit one of the largest museum shops at the Music Box Museum and the famous glass blowing factory, Kitaichi Garasukan. 

alk along the charming Otaru Canal, the symbol of the city.

Sapporo City Tour:
Explore Hokkaido’s largest city including Hokkaido University, Old City Hall, Tokeidai, and Odori Park.

Stroll through one of Sapporo's oldest shopping districts dating back from the late 1800s for local delicacies and souvenirs.

Western & Japanese Buffet    
Sushi & Udon Lunch    
Crab Feast
Sapporo Grand Hotel or Jr Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo

Explore the Site of the 1972 Olympics

56 miles, 1.5hrs
18 miles, 35mins 


Hokkaido Shrine:
A profoundly spiritual place, also famous as one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots. 

Explore the site of the 1972 Olympics including the Sapporo Winter Sports Museum. Ride the chairlift to the top of the Okurayama Observatory for a spectacular view of Sapporo. 

National Ainu Museum & Park:
Upopoy serves as the national center for the revival and development of Ainu culture - an invaluable culture in Japan that’s on the verge of extinction.

Noboribetsu Ryokan:
Enjoy a complete Hot Spring cultural experience. Relax with a soak in the baths, delicious dinner and traditional tatami-floored guest rooms.

Western & Japanese Buffet    
Lamb Shabu Shabu (Hot Pot)    
Kaiseki Banquet Dinner
Dai-ichi Takimotokan (Noboribetsu Hot Spring)

Enjoy Hokkaido's Geological Treasures

32 miles, 1hr
Lake Toya
96 miles, 2hrs
20 miles, 1hr   
Yunokawa Hot Spring

Jigokudani "Hell Valley":
See the sulfuric smoke rising out of the natural earth during free time. 

Lake Toya Sights:
Cruise along the stunning lake setting before riding the Usuzan Cable Car for impressive lake views and Mt. Showa-shinzan. 

Onuma Semi-National Park:
See Hokkaido’s geological treasures. 

Hakodate Cable Car:
Take in aerial views of Hakodate’s unique nightscape.

Yunokawa Prince Hotel Nagisatei:
Our oceanfront hotel features breathtaking views of Hakodate City and Tsugaru Strait as well as in-room Japanese spas. 

We will be taking rail transportation on tomorrow where luggage space is extremely limited. We will be shipping your large luggage (1 piece per person) this evening by overnight shipping to the hotel checking in tomorrow.  This evening after checking in the hotel, please prepare a small carry-on with personal items that you will need for tomorrow.  Tour guide will advise you what time to ship the luggage. 

Western & Japanese Buffet     
Hamburger Lunch Set     
Seafood Buffet
Yunokawa Prince Hotel Nagisatei (Yunokawa Hot Spring)

Take an Underwater Train to Explore Stunning Nature

15 miles, 40mins
Hakodate Station
93 miles, 1hr 10mins
New Aomori Station
50 miles, 1hr 40mins

Towadako Hot Spring



Hakodate Morning Market:
Browse fresh produce and chat with friendly shopkeepers. 

Goryokaku Tower:
Ascend to 300ft to see the star-shaped Goryukaku Fort, Mt. Hakodate, and Hakodate city at your feet.

Seikan Underwater Train:
Board the Seikan Underwater train and whiz through Tsugaru Strait in one of the most impressive engineering feats of the 20th century.

Towada-Hachimantai National Park:
Hike through this famous national park, best known as one of the spots to view fall foliage and the breathtaking Oirase Keiryu Falls.

Jogakura Bridge:
To get the best sense of one of Japan's longest arch bridges, it's best to visit on foot and take in the beauty of the valley below.

We will be taking rail transportation on Day 10 where luggage space is extremely limited. We will be shipping your large luggage (1 piece per person) tomorrow directly to Narita airport, your final destination upon conclusion of the tour. If you are extending your stay in Japan, your luggage will be shipped to your desired location within Japan. This evening, please prepare a small carry-on with personal items that you will need for the rest of the tour. We apologize for the inconveniences. 

Western & Japanese Buffet    
Receive 2,000JPY for lunch at a local eatery of your choice (Recommendations Provided)
Hotel Buffet        
Oirase Keiryu Hotel or Towada Hotel or Towada Princess Hotel  (Towadako Hot Spring)

Lake Towada in Towada Hachimandai National Park

Oirase Stream:
The Oirase River starts from Lake Towada, and the most beautiful section is called the Oirase Stream, known as one of the most picturesque locations in all of Japan. The stream is famous for its forest scenery and rushing waterfalls, some featuring names such as "white silk" or "twin dragons" evocative of their individual character.

Oirase Keiryu Hotel:
Our stay here gives you special access to nature and allows you to comfortably enjoy the beauty; take ample time to enjoy the falls, rocks, ponds, and views up close without rushing through.

Western & Japanese Buffet
Japanese Lunch Set
Hotel Buffet
Oirase Keiryu Hotel  or Towada Hotel or Towada Princess Hotel (Towadako Hot Spring)

Indulge in Tradition & the Splendor of Japan's Deepest Lake

Towadako Onsen
96 miles, 2 hrs 40mins  
30 miles, 1hr
Lake Tazawa
13 miles, 30mins
30 miles, 1hr
Tsunagi Hot Spring / Osyuku Hot Spring

Lake Towada Onsen:
Soak in the mineral rich waters.

Morioka Handicraft Village:
Explore traditional Tohoku handicrafts.

Lake Tazawa:
Take in the splendor of the sapphire blue waters of Japan’s deepest lake.

Kakunodate Town:
Relive the lives of the Samurai at the Bukeyashiki Samurai residence. 

Western & Japanese Buffet    
Japanese Curry Lunch    
Kaiseki Banquet Dinner
Hotel Shi-on (Tsunagi Hot Spring) or Hotel Mori No Kaze (Osyuku Hot Spring)

Sip on Tea As You Overlook Matsushima Bay

Tsunagi Onsen / Osyuku Onsen
59 miles, 1hr 15mins
59 miles, 1hr 20mins



Chuson-Ji Temple:
Explore Hiraizumi history and the Golden Hall of this beautiful temple. 

Matsushima Bay:
Feed seagulls while you cruise the famous Matsushima Bay.

Free time in Matsushima:
Freely explore Matsushima attractions such as the Godaido Hall, seafood market, and Zuigan-Ji Temple. Visit the Kanrantei style Tea House and try various kinds of tea at your leisure.

Hotel Taikanso:
Our bay front hotel provides impressive rooms with views of Matsushima Bay, famously ranked as one of Japan’s three best views for centuries.

Western & Japanese Buffet    
Tofu Pot & Grilled Teppanyaki Set    
Buffet with Performance
Hotel Matsusima Taikanso (Matsushima Hot Spring)

Depart Matsushima for Airport

18 miles, 40mins
Sendai Station
220 miles, 2hrs
Tokyo Staion
40 miles, 1hr
Narita Airport
Your Next Destination


In the morning, we leave the hotel together to Sendai Station for Bullet train to Tokyo and transfer to Narita Airport (NRT).  Airport sendoff is available for flights departing Narita Airport (NRT) after 4:30PM.

Shinkansen (Bullet) Train: Board the train from Sendai to Tokyo Station. 
Transfer from Tokyo to Narita Airport. 
Please be sure to book your flight after 4:30 PM.

For guests extention their stay post-tour can disband at Tokyo Station and approximate arrival time is 12:30PM.

"Sayonara!" or "Goodbye!" Our journey has come to an end; we hope to you see again soon!

Hotel Breakfast    
Receive 2,000 JPY for lunch at the airport.

Sapporo Grand Hotel

Centrally-located in the City of Sapporo, within walking distance from great shopping area and restaurants.


Room Information:

Room Type: Standard Large Room in East Building

Room Size: 40m²

Twin Bed: 120 x 205cm

Double Bed: 200x 205cm

Triple Room: Rollaway bed (100 x 188cm) will be added to Twin Room.

JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo

Directly connected to Sapporo Station and Daimaru Department Store, JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo has one of the top-rated locations in Sapporo. 40-minute train ride from New Chitose Airport, 10-minute walk to Odori Park, and within walking distance to some other historic sites such as the Clock Tower and Former Hokkaido Government Office Building in Sapporo.


Room Information:

Room Type: Moderate Twin Room

Room Size: 30m²

Twin Bed: 120 × 203cm

Triple Room: Rollaway bed (100 x 200 cm) will be added to Twin Room.

Daiichi Takimotokan

The Daiichi Takimotokan is a well-established hotel in Noboribetsu Onsen. Its hot spring baths are fed by geothermal water from five springs having half of the 10 mineral qualities of spring water found in Japan. You can enjoy the view of Hell Valley, a popular sightseeing spot, while relaxing in the hotel’s Onsen Heaven.


Room Information:

Room Type: Deluxe Japanese Room in Main Building

Room Size: 40m²

Twin Room: two Japanese mattresses (100 x 200cm)

Triple Room: three Japanese mattresses (100 x 200cm)

Yunokawa Prince Hotel Nagisatei

This oceanfront Ryokan features the best view overlooking Hakodate City and Tsugaru Strait. Unwind with a private Japanese spa available in your room.


Room Information:

Room Type:  Ocean view Deluxe Twin Room with Open-air Bath

Room Size: 38m²

Twin Bed: 120 × 200cm

Triple Room: three Japanese matresses (100 x 200cm) in Japanese-Style Room

Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel

Oirase Keiryu Hotel is one of the only hotels located in Towada. With its special location, our stay here gives us the best opportunity to enjoy the magnificent Oirase mountain stream trails, often cited as the most picturesque location in Japan.


Room Information:

Room Type: Modern Room 

Room Size: 44m²

Twin Bed: 110 x 195cm

Triple Room: Rollaway bed (110 x 200cm) will be added to Twin Room.

Towada Hotel

Opened in 1939, Towada Hotel is situated on a wooded hill overlooking Lake Towada. Constructed with Akita cedar that shines beautifully, the main building of the hotel is sure to impress any visitor.

Tsunagi Onsen HOTEL SHI-ON

The Hotel Shi-on is a relaxing and rewarding getaway where we can enjoy traditional Ryokan living with relaxing hot springs.


Room Information:

Room Type: Japanese-Style Room with lake view

Roome Size: 10 Tatami mats

Twin Room: two Japanese mattresses (100 x 200cm)

Triple Room: three Japanese mattresses (100 x 200cm)

Hotel Matsushima Taikanso

This hotel’s quiet location is remarkable for its stunning scenery of the famous Matsushima Bay. Enjoy the best sights of the famous bay from the comfort of your room.


Room Information:

Room Type: Japanese Western-Style Room with breathtaking bay view

Room Size: 6 Tatami mats + Twin Beds

Twin Bed: 105x 200cm

Triple Room:  Japanese mattress (100 x 200cm) will be added to Japanese Western-Style Room.



(Jul 30, 2018)

This tour you provided was one of the best. The tour director was great and meals were outstanding. We are planning our next trip with you.

-on tour survey

Richard H.
(June 8, 2019)

A very scenic tour of the Northern Island of Hokkaido (JPN195269E)....Exceptional accommodations and seafood was very good. The itinerary was varied and extensive. The Tour Guide Hui Liang was superb and worked long hours to support our travel group. We had her previously on our Japan Classic Tour in March 2017.

Sandy W.
(June 24, 2018)

....we must say that it was very enjoyable with good food and accommodation and very well managed by Hui, despite the fact that my wife had injured her right foot due to the carelessness of the staff at the Sapporo ski lounge. This certainly dampened her holiday spirits and handicapped her enjoyment of the tour. Hui was instantly helpful on the spot and all thru the rest of the journey which undoubtedly alleviated the situation to a certain extent. She is very knowledgeable, works hard and well liked by all members and would give her A+ marks. Overall, it was a good tour and our only concern is that the schedule is a bit too tight. Nonetheless, we like Hokkaido and a revisit is not impossible.

-guest email

Monica S.
(July 12, 2018)

We had a wonderful time on Super Value Hokaido/Tohoku tour; Hui couldn't be anymore hospitable. She was very professional, informative & attentive to Larry's disability. Renting a wheelchair during your tour made things easier than lugging the knee scooter, crutches & the wheelchair we previously rented before your tour. Having just seen the podiatrist this morning, Larry's foot has not completely healed after 11 weeks but is on the mend after the 3 weeks in Japan.

-guest email

Travel Information

  Health & Safety 

This tour involves standing and walking for up to 2 hours at a time over inclined or uneven streets.
On this tour, we will be visiting some areas with uneven terrain or flooring. Wheelchairs cannot be accommodated.
In traditional ryokan hotels, we will overnight in tatami rooms and sleep on futons on the floor.


In the spirit of "Travel Happy" we do not believe in hidden fees - no options are sold on tour.

Dietary Restrictions

It's important everyone has a great dining experience while traveling with us! If you have a special meal restriction (i.e. no sashimi, no lamb, etc), please let us know two weeks before tour date. We will do our best to oblige, but we regret some dietary preferences may not be available due to cultural differences.

Luggage Handling

Porterage service included in all hotels where available (most ryokan hotels do not offer porterage).

Fares + Dates

Tour Price (Our pricing is always upfront and all inclusive)

Room Type
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2021 Travel Season
4/18-4/25 $3300 $3300 $4900
5/10-5/30 $3200 $3200 $4700
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7/1-9/30 $3400 $3400 $5100
10/1-10/31 $3800 $3800 $5800
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  • International air tickets & tour guide gratuities not included.
  • 2% discount available for payments made by check or ACH deposit. 


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Flight Arrivals
on tour start date

Chitose Airport (CTS) from 12:00pm-9:00PM

Flight Departures
on tour end date

In the morning, we leave our hotel together and disband in Narita Airport (KIX). Please arrange flights departing from NRT after 4:30PM.

Airport transfers for early arrivals/late departures

Call for pricing


No additional options for this program.



Room Type
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Twin OR Double



Pre tour:
JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo






Child no bed room option: $50.
Hotel rates are listed per room night. Breakfast taxes, and fees included. A one-time fee of $30 will be charged for cancelled hotel extensions



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