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Fully-Guided Tour Highlights:

Suzdal + Vladimir | Explore a medieval capital and the cradle of Russian orthodox architecture.

Overnight in Suzdal Enjoy a magical evening-like living in a real-life Russian fairytale.
See iconic and beautiful onion-domed buildings of Suzdal
Suzdal and Vladimir Learn about medieval Russia.
Paint Matryoshka Russian Dolls.
Share an authentic dinner in a countryside restaurant.

Moscow | Visit the thrilling heart of Russia to explore its majestic history, culture, and beauty

Our walking tour from our hotel to Red Square lets you escape infamous Moscow traffic.
Tour four gilded subway stations, known as “Underground Palaces.”
Kremlin and imperial jewels Visit the Armoury Chamber.
Leo Tolstoy’s Moscow residence - See the home of a Russian literary master.
Wine and dine aboard a luxury dinner cruise on the Moscow River.

St. Petersburg | Relive the grandeur of Russia's imperial past through incredible art and music

Visit the Hermitage Museum before it is open to the public.
Sail the Neva River and Canal on a private boat.
Take in a Russian ballet from premiere seats in a famous theatre.

Luxury Accommodations


Moscow Airport: Don't start your trip tired! Our first hotel is located inside the airport so you may rest immediately after a long flight. 
Baltschug Kempinski: This victorian hotel is just steps away from Red Square. Enjoy beautiful morning and evening views of the local area.


Pushkarskaya Sloboda: Traditional log cabins within walking distance of the Suzdal Kremlin (triple rooms not available).

St. Petersburg

Taleon Imperial Hotel: Stay in a former palace where each room is uniquely decorated.

Culinary Experiences

Arranging great culinary experiences is a specialty we are very proud of. Our development team samples each meal before presenting them to our guests. On this trip, you will have a chance to taste a variety of delicacies and renown local restaurants including expensive black caviar, authentic Russian Vodka, Caucasus BBQ, Cafe Pushkin, and more.  

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Depart North America for Moscow, Russia

Depart from your home airport, have a great flight!
Pre-tour hotel extension: ($200/Executive Twin or Double, breakfast included)


"Dabro pozhalovat" or "Welcome" to Russia!

A Supera Tours representative will meet you at the arrivals hall and bring you to the hotel via a 10-minute walk.
Our complimentary pick up window is 11AM-6PM at SVO. If you are arriving at other times, we will meet at the hotel for dinner. Please walk directly to the hotel for self check-in. (Our hotel is within walking distance from the airport. The entrance of the Radisson Blu is on the departures floor, near Terminal E & Aeroexpress Station).

No pick up for the flights depart from Asia (SVO Terminal F).

We have chosen the best and newest hotel in the airport area for our first night, so you may ease the fatigue of your long flight by avoiding the traffic of Moscow and checking in quickly.
Enjoy a simple dinner together in the hotel


Moscow has two airports. SVO and DME. We strongly recommend avoiding flights into DME due to heavy traffic and ground transportation will take several hours.

If you are booking airfare with us and would like to arrive early, please contact us for details



Local Specialties in Hotel    
Radisson Blu Sheremetyevo Airport Hotel

Roads of the Golden Ring

Moscow Airport
129 miles, 4.5hrs
21 miles, 40min 
Suzdal (Golden Ring)

Golden Gate: Once the strongest gate in the ancient fortress, now an important landmark of Vladimir City
Holy Assumption Cathedral: One of the finest examples of Russian Orthodox architecture.
Cathedral of St. Demetrius: This colorless white stone church features an exterior of exquisitely carved relief art. Climb the viewing platform for a bird's eye view of the Siberian railway and city landscape

Museum of Wooden Architecture: Tour with a special visit to the Cathedral of the Nativity.
Welcome dinner: Enjoy a dinner paired with a show and dancing.

Western & Russian Buffet
Local Specialties
Specially-arranged Russian "Welcome Dance" Dinner
Pushkarskaya Sloboda (In case of government appropriation, we will use an equivalent hotel with deluxe rooms)
**Pushkarskaya Sloboda wooden rooms with twin beds only, if triple room, will arrange a twin room + a single room.

Make + See Traditional Russian Art

       21 miles, 40min  
      114 miles, 2hrs


Matryoshka Painting Class:
Learn a traditional Russian craft and paint your own doll as a keepsake to take home.

Spaso-Yevfimiyev Monastery:
Visit the seven-dome Cathedral of Transfiguration and hear the bell tower ring. The monastery was built to defend the city of Suzdal.

Suzdal Kremlin:
See historic wooden structures from all over the Vladimir region reassembled in Suzdal to depict the lifestyle of an 18th-century Russian village.

Depart Vladimir on an afternoon train to Moscow.

Western & Russian Buffet
Country House Lunch
Local Specialties
Baltschug Kempinski (10min walk to Red Square)

Home of Tolstoy + Russia's Political Capital

Red Square Walk Tour:
Known as the beautiful square (the Russian word "krasnaya" means both "red" and "beautiful."), we make sure to visit at the best time of day to explore the beauty of Red Square while avoiding the crowds. Listen to our guide's vivid stories of the rise and fall of Moscow.

House of Leo Tolstoy:
Explore the Moscow, home of one of the world's greatest novelists.

Moscow Kremlin:
Explore Russia's political center. We include a special visit to the Armory Chamber where you can see more than 4,000 treasured artifacts in the chambers of one of the richest and oldest museums in Russia.

Our dinner tonight is nearby. The brightly lit atmosphere of Red Square after dinner makes it a perfect way to cap off the evening.

Western & Russian Buffet
Ukranian Cuisine
Local Specialties in Red Square
Baltschug Kempinski (10min walk to Red Square)

Moscow's Beautiful Subways + the Best of Moscow

Subway Stations:
Subway stations in Moscow are like underground palaces. Rather than sightseeing, we take the subway to see the exquisite decorations and murals at several stations.  Get a feel of the everyday commute for locals.

Izmailovsky Market:
Visit a local flea market known for its wide selection of traditional Russian trinkets.

Yeliseev Grocery Store:
Visit a classical palace style supermarket. Richly decorated, the Yeliseev Grocery Store is a supermarket for locals selling Russian specialty goods such as caviar, chocolate, and vodka.  A great opportunity to experience daily life.

Tretyakov Gallery:
Discover 11th - 20th century folk art and masterpieces covering a range of topics from the glory of the old tsars to the modern folk life.

Dinner Cruise:
Appreciate the beauty of Moscow at night while enjoying a delicious meal with VIP seating aboard our Moscow River cruise.

Western & Russian Buffet
Cafe Pushkin
Moscow River Dinner Cruise 
Baltschug Kempinski (10min walk to Red Square)

Swan Lake + Railway to St. Petersburg

437 miles, 4hrs
St. Petersburg

Novodevichy Convent:

Explore the pond in front of the convent and cemetery, said to be the inspiration for Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.

Adjacent to the convent, the Novodevichy Cemetery is one of Moscow’s most prestigious resting places – a veritable of who’s who of Russian politics and culture. Here you will find the tombs of Bulgakov, Chekhov, Gogol, Mayakovsky, Prokofiev, and Stanislavsky among many other cultural notables. The most recent notable addition to the cemetery is former President Boris Yeltsin, whose tomb is marked by an enormous Russian flag.

High Speed Train:
Travel along routes dating back to imperial times across the beautiful Russian countryside to St. Petersburg. The train is both comfortable and convenient.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood:
By the order of Czar Alexander III, construction of this church which took nearly 25 years to complete (an exclusive after hours visit to avoid the daytime crowd).

Western & Russian Buffet
Light meal on train
Local specialties
Taleon Imperial Hotel (Located on Nevsky Prospect, 3min from the Hermitage)

St. Petersburg

Palace Square:
Located three minutes from our hotel, the square is the center of St. Petersburg and the site of many historic events. The square features the Guards Corps Headquarters and the Alexander Column, an important symbol to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon.

Hermitage Museum:
Avoid crowds and enjoy exclusive early admission to the Hermitage Museum before it is opened to the public to appreciate the magnificent artwork in peace.

St. Issac’s Cathedral:
See the cathedral's magnificent decor and ascend 300 steps up to the colonnade for a spectacular view of St. Petersburg.

Neva River Tour:
Travel back in time as you cruise the canals while listening to old stories of the ancient city.


Western & Russian Buffet
Local Specialties
Bistro and Wine Evening with Live Music
Taleon Imperial Hotel (Located on Nevsky Prospect, 3min from the Hermitage)

St. Petersburg

Catherine Palace and Gardens:
Known as the Tsar Village, enjoy immaculate garden landscapes and royal architecture (VIP access included)

Kazan Cathedral:
The city's largest Orthodox church (Self-guided visit)

Russian Ballet:
Tonight is a night of elegance as we attend a ballet. We will have special premiere seats to watch one of the top Russian ballet companies perform.

Note: Our priority is the Mariinsky Theater, but performance schedule may be unpredictable. In case it is not available, we will arrange an alternate.

Western & Russian Buffet
Local Specialties
Independent Dinner
Taleon Imperial Hotel (Located on Nevsky Prospect, 3min from the Hermitage)

St. Petersburg

Peterhof Summer Palace:
Tour the Summer Palace including the interior of the Grand Palace, upper and lower gardens (VIP access to avoid the crowds)

Peter and Paul Fortress: 
The first structure to be built in St. Petersburg and thus the birthplace of the city.

Nevsky Prospect:
From our hotel, we can see the city's largest bookstore, food market, department store & shopping center (*In case we are watching ballet tonight, the trip order will be slightly adjusted)

Western & Russian Buffet
Local Specialties
Farewell Dinner (w/ Premium Black Caviar + Vodka)
Taleon Imperial Hotel (Located on Nevsky Prospect, 3min from the Hermitage)

Depart St. Petersburg for Airport

Airport send-off available for Pulkovo International (LED) from 6:00AM-10:00AM. If your flight departs outside this timeframe, our guide or the hotel can assist in booking a taxi to the airport (at your own expense).

"Do Svidaniya!" or "Goodbye!" We hope to see you again soon!

Post-tour hotel extension: (Pricing: $380/Superior Twin or Double, breakfast included)


Western & Russian Buffet (hotel breakfast box for early flights)

Radisson Blu Sheremetyevo Airport Hotel

The only hotel located inside the Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO), the Radisson Blu Sheremetyevo, was designed by a famous Swedish architect, Christian Lundwall. Its convenient access from inside the airport allows guests to rest immediately after a long flight and adjust to the time difference. Rooms are equipped with free high-speed internet access, LCD flat-screen televisions with satellite channels, tea & coffee facilities, and individual climate control. The hotel restaurant and bar provide tantalizing dishes from all over the world. 

Pushkarskaya Sloboda

A stay in the Pushkarskaya Sloboda is like living in a real-life Russian fairytale. The hotel consists of several 19th-century buildings, traditional Russian log cabins, and a modern annex. The hotel offers a panoramic view of the Kamenka River and is walking distance to the Suzdal Kremlin. You will be staying in 4-star log cabins which offer a serene atmosphere and luxurious experience. The hotel also offers a variety of dining options specializing in delicious traditional Russian and European cuisines.

**Pushkarskaya Sloboda wooden rooms with twin beds only, if triple room, will arrange a twin room + a single room.

Baltschug Kempinski

Located in the heart of the city, this 5-star Victorian-style hotel offers you the best accommodations in Moscow. Walking distance to the Kremlin, Red Square, and St. Basil’s Cathedral, you can easily visit these attractions multiple times throughout the day for different views. We have chosen this hotel not only for its top of the line accommodations but also for its central location. Traffic in Moscow is notoriously dense, but by staying at the center of Moscow, we can get to many attractions on foot instead of wasting precious vacation time sitting in traffic.

Taleon Imperial Hotel

Once a palace, the 5-star Taleon Imperial Hotel is the only privately owned palace hotel in St. Petersburg. Each room is uniquely designed. The hotel has been expanded and renovated to preserve the historical heritage of the building. Today, the hotel combines old-world legacies and opulence with new world state-of-the-art luxury. The hotel is within walking distance to the Hermitage Museum, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and the Church of Our Savior of the Spilled Blood. Supera Tours has chosen this hotel so our guests can feel like royalty while having modern amenities and easy access to main attractions.

Black Caviar

Caviar is the salt-cured roe traditionally extracted from wild sturgeon. Russian fishermen learned to farm caviar as early as the 12th century and for centuries it was considered peasant food and eaten by the bowlful. Once "Ivan the Terrible" got a taste for it, its status changed and it has remained a delicacy since and now well known as Russia's original black gold. Moreover, It’s benefits to our human health are invaluable. High-grade caviar from Russian Sturgeon is one of the world’s most expensive food item.


Beetroot Borscht

A very peculiar and distinctive element of the Russians is that they eat soup throughout the year. Soups are rich and caloric, to fight the cold in winter. One of the famous highlights in Russia is Borscht, although its many variants are often considered iconic Russian food recipes, which has vegetables and beets, it’s Ukrainian in origin and loved throughout the Slavic world. Bobbing around in the distinctly deep purple-red broth is a tasty treasure trove of mystery ingredients.


Caucasus BBQ

Caucasus, also called Caucasus Mountains. A mountain range in Caucasia, between the Black and Caspian seas, the territory that is modern Armenia, Azerbaijan , Georgia , and parts of Iran and Turkey , as well as the North Caucasus region of modern Russia. We arrange to explore Caucasus exotic region by tasting Azerbaijan excellent grilled BBQ and rich local specialties!


Barbara & Clair A.
(October 18, 2018)

TERRIFIC TOUR — When traveling you want everything to be perfect. That's exactly what you do -- build perfect package tours. You packed a lot in this tour. We had high expectations for our Russia trip in general and it didn't disappoint. Russia was a dream vacation....

-guest email

Chrisine O.
(September 1, 2018)

..thank you very much for making the arrangements for us to enjoy Russia. This place was very beautiful, I greatly appreciate your team for arranging this for me. -- I really enjoyed my time on this trip! It was really great getting to see Russia. I felt really comfortable with all the accomodations offered.

Emily L.
(September 1, 2018)

The local tour guides were the best I have ever experienced! The tour leader (Andrew Pai) was fantastic!

-on tour survey

Travel Information

Visas for Russia

Please apply for a visa within 60-180 days before the departure date. The processing cost is $300USD + mailing fees (subject to change)

You may submit your application in person or by mail to your regional Russian visa office (contact us for more details). If you live in the following states, we can help submit an application package to the regional Russian Visa Center: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah. 

Materials needed:

Travel confirmation letter (provided by Supera Tours)
Online application (we will complete this for you based your completed questionnaire - download)
One passport photo (different from photo on passport)
Passport: Valid for more than 6 months (based on the end of our trip). Must have at least 2 contiguous, blank "VISA" pages
Processing time: 3-5 weeks after your passport(s) are received


Health & Safety 

Safety is our highest priority. We do ask you to be in reasonable health before joining this tour.
This tour involves standing and walking for up to 1 hour at a time over inclined or uneven streets.
Guests in wheelchairs may not be accommodated.
Pickpockets are common in Europe. Travel smart by making copies of your passport to keep on you and leaving hard copies and other valuables in our hotel safe.

 Dietary Restrictions

It's important everyone has a great dining experience while traveling with us! If you have a particular meal restriction (i.e. no fish, no lamb, etc), please let us know. We will do our best to oblige, but we regret some dietary preferences may not be available due to cultural differences.

Luggage Handling

Porterage service included in all hotels where available.


Fares + Dates

 Tour Price (Our pricing is always upfront and all inclusive)

Room Type
(price per person)

Twin OR Double



5/10 - 8/20; 9/6-9/30 2021




8/21- 9/05 2021




Prices above are per person and include taxes, inclusions as shown in itinerary. 
International air tickets & tour guide gratuities not included.

Fares vary based on origin, seasonality, & availability. We are happy to help find the best balance between price and flight quality for you. You may also arrange your own flights in conjunction with the following arrival and departure times to qualify for our free airport transfers. If you are arriving or leaving outside these timeframes, please go to the designated place to meet on your own expense.

Flight Arrivals
on tour start date

Sheremetyevo Internaltional Airport (SVO) 11:00AM - 6:00PM

Flight Departures
on tour end date

Pulkovo International (LED) 6:00AM - 10:00AM

Airport transfers for early arrivals/late departures

call for pricing


No upgrades for this program. 

No hotel extensions for this program. 


IMPORTANT: All prices above based on USD. Land tour price is shown per person. 
Prices subject to change. We encourage reserving early to ensure availability.
Guests departing from Canada may pay in CAD at the market rate of exchange.