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Travel Protection Q & A

Q:Is travel protection included?

A:Yes, all Supera Tours come with emergency medical travel protection, valid from when you depart home until you arrive at your next destination after our tour.

Q:What is the coverage included in the Supera's travel protection plan?

A:We include a maximum of US$50,000 for emergency medical treatment and a maximum of US$250,000 for emergency evacuation (both secondary).

Q:How does secondary travel protection plan work?

A:Secondary protection plans work along with your primary medical plan. If you need to file a claim, the secondary protection plan provider will take over for amounts not covered by your provider.

Q:Do I need to purchase additional travel protection plan?

A:Under normal circumstances, the emergency medical travel protection we provide is usually sufficient. However, there is always a chance of unplanned surprises based on personal health conditions or personal factors which might force you to cut short or cancel your trip. It is recommended that you purchase an additional travel protection plan to help protect against these unexpected situations.

Q:Where do I purchase a Comprehensive Travel Protection Plan? What is included in a Comprehensive Plan?

A:You may check first whether your personal insurance or if the credit card used for your tour payment includes additional travel protection. If not, you may refer to the Comprehensive Protection Plan we recommend.

Q:Can I purchase the additional travel protection offered by Supera Tour even if I don't reside in the United States?

A:The emergency medical travel protection provided by Supera Tours covers all participants in the trip, but the optional to purchase additional comprehensive travel protection (Comprehensive Plan) is only available to U.S. residents.

Q:When is the best time to purchase additional travel protection if I decide I need it?

A:After booking your trip, it is advisable to purchase a travel protection plan as early as possible to avoid potential penalties resulting from cancellations. Additionally, Pre-existing medical condition coverage or the Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit both need to be purchased within 21 days of making the initial deposit payment.

Q:How much coverage should we purchase?

A:To have complete protection, we recommend purchasing enough coverage for your maximum potential loss in case of cancellation.  Here are two examples to consider:

  1. Before you travel: If you are forced to cancel last-minute, it's possible you may lose the entire value of your trip. If you have documentation showing you are cancelling for a covered reason, you may claim up to 100% of your insured amount to cover costs such as tour cancellation fees and airline penalties (If your air ticket is purchased after protection plan is purchased, you can still adjust your coverage amount according to your needs).
  2. During your trip: If you need to leave the tour due to an accident or sickness, this would be categorized as trip interruption. You may claim up to 150% of your insured amount to cover the unused portion.

Q:I'm booking a trip early. Should I use my age at time of travel or age at time of plan purchase?

A:The premium is based on your age at time of plan purchase.

Q:What are typical things covered by Comprehensive Protection Plan?

A:Comprehensive coverage is a balanced form of protection to help you cover cancellation fees if you are unable to join your tour due to accidents, personal health or special conditions, or emergencies at the place of departure/destination before departure. In such cases, you may submit required receipts or documents to file a claim (Detail of Trip Cancellation Covered Reasons).

Q:What are typical things covered by a Comprehensive Travel Protection plan WITH "Cancel for Any Reason"?

A:Travel protection with CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) is the highest level of coverage available. Cancellations made up to 2 days before departure date may be refunded up to 70% according to the value of your coverage.

Q:What happens with my insurance in case my tour is cancelled?

A:If you have purchased a plan with Trawick and Supera Tours must cancel a tour for some reason, your insurance fees will be refunded.