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Travel Insurance Q & A 

Q: Is travel insurance included?  
A: Yes, all Supera Tours come with free emergency medical insurance, valid from when you depart home until you arrive at your next destination after our tour. 

Q: What is the amount of coverage included in the Supera plan? 
A: We include a maximum of US$50,000 for emergency medical treatment and a maximum of US$250,000 for emergency evacuation (secondary). 

Q: How does secondary travel insurance work? 
A: Secondary insurance plans work along with your primary medical plan. If you need to file a claim, the secondary insurance provider will take over for amounts not covered by your provider. 

Q: Do I need to purchase additional insurance? 
A: Under normal circumstances, the emergency medical insurance we provide is usually sufficient. However, there is always a chance of unplanned surprises based on personal health conditions, personal factors, or current epidemic prevention regulations (Health & Safety Protocols), which might force you to cut short or cancel your trip. It is recommended that you purchase travel insurance to help protect against these unexpected situations. 

Q: Where do I purchase Comprehensive Insurance? What is included in a Comprehensive Plan? 
A: You may check first whether your personal insurance or if the credit card used for your tour payment includes additional travel insurance. If not, you may refer to the Comprehensive Insurance plan we recommend, which includes the following items (coverages may not be purchased separately): 

Comprehensive Protection Plan

Purchase Online


Coverages Maximum Benefit Limits
1. Trip Cancellation 100% of trip cost and air tickets (max $30,000) 
2. Trip Interruption 150% of trip cost and air tickets (max $45,000) 
3. Travel Delay $2,000 (max $200/day)
4. Missed Connection $1,000
5. Additional Emergency Medical $50,000 (Secondary)
6. Additional Emergency Evacuation $500,000 (Secondary)


Q: What does Trip Cancellation protect against?  
A: Before departure, if you cannot make your trip due to an accident, personal health, or emergency at the origin/destination, etc., you may apply for a Trip Cancellation claim if you have the relevant documentation. Details of covered reasons. 

Q: How much coverage do I need? 
A: This is a very personal question because the amount depends on your own personal risk assessment. As a rough guideline, we recommend being insured for at least 75% of your trip value in order for you to be protected against most scenarios. 

Q: How much coverage do I need? 
A: The amount of coverage depends on your personal risk assessment. Here are two examples: 
1. If you only want to be covered for situations where you might have to leave in the middle of the trip (i.e. positive covid test): This is considered trip interruption, and up to 150% of the unused portion may be claimed. In this case, we recommend being insured for at least 75% of the tour fee. To find the premium, compare the cost and age column based on the amount of coverage you want. For example: $6500 x 75% of the tour fee = 4875 in the Trip cost column of $2501 - $5000, if you are 71 years old, the premium is $358. 
2. For maximum protection and to be covered for your air tickets and all cancellation fees, Trip Cancellation would be the best choice. All you do is add up all the costs, and compare 100% of the trip cost (tour and airfare total) with the cost and age columns.  

Q: What are typical things covered by Comprehensive Insurance? 
A: Comprehensive Insurance coverage is a balanced form of protection to help you cover cancellation fees if you are unable to join your tour due to accidents, personal health or special conditions, or emergencies at the place of departure/destination before departure. In such cases, you may submit required receipts or documents to file a claim. The cost for this type of plan is shown below: 

Comprehensive Plan Cost
Trip Cost (US$) 0-39 40-59 60-59 70-74 75-79 80+
$0-$2,500 $66 $82 $106 $153 $190 $290
$2,501-$5,000 $135 $178 $238 $358 $452 $683
$5,001-$7,500 $244 $330 $451 $691 $880 $1,332
$7,501-$10,000 $360 $490 $670 $1,026 $1,309 $1,969
$10,001-$15,000 $526 $721 $992 $1,532 $1,965 $2,967
$15,001-$20,000 $742 $1,021 $1,410 $2,188 $2,811 $4,240
$20,001-$30,000 $1,071 $1,479 $2,049 $3,188 $4,102 $6,182

Q: What are typical things covered by Comprehensive Insurance WITH “Cancel for Any Reason"? 
A: Travel insurance with CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) is the highest level of coverage available. Cancellations made up to 2 days before departure date may be refunded up to 70% according to the value of your coverage, no questions asked. Click here for further details. The fee reference is as follows: 

Comprehensive + CFAR (Cancel for any reason) Plan Cost
*Must be insured for FULL amount of trip cost. NY & WA Residents Not Eligible.
Trip Cost (US$) 0-39 40-59 60-59 70-74 75-79 80+
$0-$2,500 $110 $136 $175 $253 $315 $479
$2,501-$5,000 $224 $294 $394 $592 $748 $1,129
$5,001-$7,500 $404 $546 $747 $1,144 $1,456 $2,204
$7,501-$10,000 $596 $810 $1,109 $1,689 $2,165 $3,257
$10,001-$15,000 $871 $1,192 $1,641 $2,535 $3,252 $4,908
$15,001-$20,000 $1,228 $1,689 $2,333 $3,620 $4,651 $7,014
$20,001-$30,000 $1,771 $2,447 $3,389 $5,274 $6,787 $10,228