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Open Borders


Vaccines have brought light to the future for travelers, and many countries are gradually easing border restrictions. As restrictions are being lifted, quarantine-free, open-border countries are developing more standardized requirements. Those with proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results are allowed to enter.

The first priority for Supera Tours is still the safety and peace of mind of our guests when determining to depart a tour. Therefore, we will continue to closely monitor local conditions. When we decide to depart a tour, it will be a decision based on careful consideration and with safety measures in mind. Presently, the following destinations are welcoming US and Canadian travelers without quarantine. Destinations not listed below are also available for reservation and qualify for our worry-free policy.

Country Vaccinated Negative Test Note Related tours
Cambodia   Provide certification of vaccine Vietnam + Cambodia
Dubai   Provide certification of vaccine  Dubai + Egypt
Egypt   Provide certification of vaccine  Dubai + Egypt
Iceland       Iceland
Peru   Provide certification of vaccine Peru
Portugal Provide certification of vaccine Portugal + Spain
Spain Provide certification of vaccine Portugal + Spain
Turkey   Provide certification of vaccine Turkey
Vietnam PCR 72 hours prior to departure or rapid test 24 hours prior Vietnam

* Open border information based on official government announcements and updates from local partners. 

Last update: 04/12/2022