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What makes Supera different from other tour companies?

We passionately believe travel is a life-enriching experience - giving our guests the best tour experience is our number one priority! To give travelers a consistently high-quality experience when touring with us, we set up our organization a bit differently from most. Rather than outsource or use freelancers, we design & operate our tours ourselves - from the ground up. Even our guides are company trained.

What is the pace of your tours?

We design our tours with balance to have a wide range of fun, diverse inclusions but also to be comfortably paced. This allows you to take home memorable experiences (Nothing is worse than coming home from a trip so frantic, you forget everything!)

When is the best time to travel?

Please see Before You Book on each tour page for details. Beyond weather and sights, please keep in mind airfares will also increase during the peak seasons of summer and winter holidays.

How many travelers can I expect in a tour?

Each group is a differernt, so this will depend on the season and destination; our average group size is about 20 guests. Our maximum for most tours is 26 (depending on itinerary).

Groups sell out early during high demand periods such as holidays or popular seasons (fall foliage or cherry blossom season in Japan). In case you have any questions about size for any departure, please do not hesitate to ask.

Do you offer discounts?

We believe in providing high quality & value with fair pricing upfront. If you compare prices & quality of similar tours, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see our packages are usually more affordable because we do everything directly. This means we don’t often have discounts, but on rare occasions we do have special promotions. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date!

All tours paid by check/ACH automatically qualify for 2% off the land price.


We're ready to go! How do I reserve a tour?

Reserving a tour is a simple 3-step process:

  1. After choosing your itinerary and dates from our website, call your travel agent to check for availability (If you do not have a travel agent, please contact us). Please note: DOB & passport names for all guests are required to hold space. If space is available, you will receive a formal quotation via email (within 1 business day) tailored for your travel plans. Your reservations will be held until the deadline date on your quote. Deadlines are typically 2-7 days, depending on availability & airline policies.
  2. After reviewing your quotation, follow the included payment instructions to confirm.
  3. Once your tour is paid in full, you will receive your electronic travel documents within two business days. If you have airline reservations with us, e-ticket confirmations will be included in your travel documents. Two weeks before departure, you will also receive a friendly reminder via email confirming your tour.
How far in advance should we reserve?

Some tours sell out quickly, so reserving early gives us the opportunity to ensure your tour space and find the best airfares for you. The ideal time to make your reservations is typically 4-6 months before your planned travel date. For peak seasons (summer and winter vacation), we suggest 6-9 months ahead.

What are the terms of payment?

Each tour may be different. Please see payment schedule details under Terms and Conditions

I am traveling with my kids. Is a child fare available?

Yes! If your child is sharing a bed with an adult and is under 12 years old, a 15% discount is available.

I'm preparing to finalize my reservation and have been told passport copies are required. Can I avoid this requirement?

Many hotels in overseas destinations are required by local governments to register foreign guests. Airlines also have stiff rebooking penalties if ticketed names do not match and need to be changed. For these reasons, we use passport copies to help you expedite check-in, minimize costly errors, and for air ticket name verification.

This requirement can be waived by completing a signed waiver releasing the liability of potential fines levied by airlines (up to, but not limited to 500USD per person). Once complete, please return this form to us along with your payment authorization instead of passport copies. 

I have an odd number of travelers in my party; can you accommodate 3 people in one room?

Certainly! Triple room arrangements are available for most tours with the same price as double-occupancy rates. Each hotel is different, but for most of our hotels, this means you will be accommodated with a rollaway bed in a standard room. Keep in mind rooms in some countries (such as Japan) may be smaller than what you may expect from hotels in other countries, so please consider which arrangement would work for your personal preferences. If triple rooms are unavailable, this information will be listed on the "Fares + Dates" section for each tour.

How about single travelers?

Our prices are based on double-occupancy, but we can certainly accommodate single travelers as well. Please ask about single supplement costs. We regret our twin-share program has been discontinued as a direct response to our guests’ feedback to maintain a high standard of quality.

Can you help me book airfare with your tours?

Yes, absolutely! For most tours, we have our own private fares which are usually more competitive. We are also experts in airline schedules, so we can help find the best options for you balanced between quality and cost (US/Canada departures only). Unlike online airfares which usually must be paid instantly, our wholesale air contracts may have more flexible deadlines, so you have time to review the details and make sure the trip we are planning is right for you.

Airlines do sometimes have great special promotions as well, so it’s always worth comparing to find an airfare that works for you.

I am purchasing an air and land package. Can I accumulate mileage for the airline reservations I have made with you?
Yes, most of our airfares do accrue mileage.

However, airlines mileage policies and agreements are continuously updated, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee all airfares will qualify for mileage accumulation. If you have any questions about mileage accrual, please check with us at the time of booking.

If you would like us to note your airline reservations with your mileage account information, please let us know, and we will be happy to help.

How about airline mileage upgrades?

Mileage upgrades are not generally available for our special private fares. In this case, we suggest purchasing airline tickets separately.

What is “double-occupancy?"

Travel is fun with a friend! Our rates assume your reservations are made for two guests per room, or “double-occupancy.” Double-occupancy room shares the costs of hotels for both travelers. Our standard room configuration is for a "TWN" room type which means there will be two full-size (or larger) beds per room. In case you prefer a different configuration, please let us know. Availability will depend on each hotel and is different for each destination, but we will certainly try our best to accommodate.

I made a reservation but was quoted a different price than a friend who signed up for the same tour! Why is that?

We are committed to offering the best prices to our guests. On rare occasions, the fare may increase for a tour. We always honor the price for any existing reservations, but new reservations will be subject to the latest available fare. For quotes with airfare included, we will find the best airfares available at the time of booking. Unfortunately, airline space does sell out as we near each departure date and airfares may increase depending on availability.


Can we book a private tour?

Yes! We host quite a few private groups every year.

If you have a large group of friends and family ready to travel together, a private group can be a great option. We can help with private groups of various sizes, but please note smaller groups will tend to be more costly. For the best balance of price vs quality, we normally suggest a group size of at least 16-20 guests.

For more information on private groups, call us at 877-388-1777 or email us at

What if I need to cancel?

Please see the cancellation section on our Terms and Conditions page for details.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

We sincerely care for the safety and security of our guests, so we include a complimentary plan which provides coverage for Trip Interruption Trip Delay, Baggage loss or theft, Medical Expense and Evacuation and more. Click here for details.

Please note: This complimentary plan does not include coverage for Trip Cancellation. If you are interested in purchasing this type of coverage separately, please inquire with your travel agent. is also a good resource to help you compare options.

I paid by credit card and my statement shows multiple transactions. Can you tell me why?

If you booked a land & air package, credit card transactions might be split into separate charges. Your card may be billed under your respective carrier and/or “Travel Services”

Passports & Visas: Are visas required?

Visas are required for some countries for US/Canadian passport holders. For details, please see Before You Book on each tour page. Many countries require at least 6 months of validity and 2 blank pages on passports. Make sure to check before finalizing travel plans.

Additionally, remember to check requirements if you are adding other countries on the same trip. If you have passports issued by a different country, please check with your local consulate for details.


Is travel insurance included?

Yes, all Supera Tours come with free emergency medical insurance, valid from when you depart home until you arrive at your next destination after our tour.

What is the amount of coverage included in the Supera plan?

We include a maximum of US$50,000 for emergency medical treatment and a maximum of US$250,000 for emergency evacuation (secondary).