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We design trips of a lifetime


The Supera story

Our integrity earns your trust

Built from over 10 years of word-of-mouth support. No hidden fees, no tourist traps, just great travel. All you have to do is decide to go and we take care of everything else.

The Supera Way

Each tour is designed and operated by our team, strictly controlling the quality. We nitpick the details to ensure you travel with no regrets.

You are our Superastars
Our Superaheroes are here to help

We enthusiastically and sincerely look forward to sharing our excitement of the journey with you. Our SuperaHeroes have been carefully nurtured and molded for years and have immense talent, passion, and unique traits.


What our Superastars are saying

Avatar Philip P.
Philip P.

"…Supera Tours delivered in every way possible: stellar hotels, superior transportation, excellent and abundant authentic Japanese meals, interesting venues, and local tours and unique country special offerings."

Avatar Claire & Barbara
Claire & Barbara

"We had high expectations for our Russia trip in general and it didn't disappoint. Russia was a dream vacation."

Avatar Susan H.
Susan H.

"We stayed at the best 5 star hotels in each city [in Vietnam], ate at the best restaurants, had great tour guides...Highlight for me was the boat cruise on Ha Long Bay.
Very beautiful!"


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